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Family Ties

This photo of the week comes from a shore excursion in Grand Turk Island. The experiences that we as people play a role in shaping our lives but I truly believe who we have them with is just as important!



Couldn’t Be More Excited!!!!

Me and Brent are happy to announce to our followers and anybody who possibly cares that we are expected a baby girl this August! This is child number four and we could be any more excited. Any of our followers have kids???

Vin Scully’s Farewell 

This photo of the week is a special post that comes from our recent Los Angles trip in which we were able to catch a LA Dodgers game. Luckily for us this game happen to fall on Vin Scully appreciation night and was during his final week as the play by play announcer of the team. This is extremely significant because Vin Scully has been with team since 1950! He was with the team when they were in Brooklyn 1950-57and moved with them to LA 1958-2016. It was great seeing Dodger stadium and getting to be part of history.