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Family Ties

This photo of the week comes from a shore excursion in Grand Turk Island. The experiences that we as people play a role in shaping our lives but I truly believe who we have [...]

A Little Taste Of Heaven!!!

So during a recent trip to Richmond, Virginia for a kids Volleyball Tournament I looked for a dad and mom activity we could do with the kids. As I looked through Trip Adivsor [...]

Couldn’t Be More Excited!!!!

Me and Brent are happy to announce to our followers and anybody who possibly cares that we are expected a baby girl this August! This is child number four and we could be any [...]

Ready Set Snorkel

This photo of the week comes from a snorkeling adventure in Grand Turk. My little cousins are eagerly listening to every word of the instructor before they get a chance to [...]

The Tap Makes Me Want To Dance

Late night/early morning blog posts may just be the best way to describe This post was meant to be a Tech Tuesday but due to a scheduling conflict this [...]

Trying New Things 

This photo of the week comes from a sting ray shore excursion in the Dominican Republic…I was to scared to play with our barbed friends so I sent my wife to handle it. [...]

Lady Liberty, Oh Yeah, Girl Power!

So it may appear that we try to go to New York every chance we get. And that is only partially maybe mostly true, lol.  This time we had good intentions. I mean you go gotta [...]

A Little Dirt Don’t Hurt

Photo of the week comes from a fall softball tournament a few years back. Everybody had a good time but the oldest boy had a great time!  [...]

Apple, Some Rose Gold, And A Smile

So in a failed effort last week I could not obtain an iPhone 7+ from the AT&T because well none came. I was with a convoy of people who camped overnight and had the [...]


This Photo of the Week came during our recent trip to Orlando me and the boys had to stop and take a guys only [...]