Apple, Some Rose Gold, And A Smile

So in a failed effort last week I could not obtain an iPhone 7+ from the AT&T because well none came. I was with a convoy of people who camped overnight and had the wonderful good morning gift of not only some colors being unavailable but the 7+ model not being in stock at all. So I left disappointed but not defeated knowing that during my California trip coming up the following week I might have a chance to find the phone I was looking for. Well that following week is here and I have found the iPhone that I wanted while staying in Glendale, CA.

we still had to wait almost 2 hours just to check out

Behold the beauty


Thanks California for coming through for us east coast folks!



3 thoughts on “Apple, Some Rose Gold, And A Smile

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    1. Pretty awesome my 3 biggest takeaways so far are much improved camera, much faster device, much better battery life just yo name a few and ps that headphone jack being removed hasn’t been an issue! Hope that helps some


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