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Apple, Some Rose Gold, And A Smile

So in a failed effort last week I could not obtain an iPhone 7+ from the AT&T because well none came. I was with a convoy of people who camped overnight and had the wonderful good morning gift of not only some colors being unavailable but the 7+ model not being in stock at all. So I left disappointed but not defeated knowing that during my California trip coming up the following week I might have a chance to find the phone I was looking for. Well that following week is here and I have found the iPhone that I wanted while staying in Glendale, CA.

we still had to wait almost 2 hours just to check out

Behold the beauty


Thanks California for coming through for us east coast folks!





Well ladies and gentlemen today is September 11th 2016 and is the 15th anniversary of the terrorists attacks on the United States. The lives lost and all those affected are in my prayers and thoughts  always but especially today! Let us never forget.


So the saying is an apple a day keeps the doctor away and since that saying clearly describes the relationship between Apple products and good health ill take that advice and hopefully live a long and healthy life!


This week on friday the 16th at 8am the iphone 7, 7 plus, and Apple watch series 2 go on sale. Each of the new products has top 3 things to know about them and will have full reviews once I can pick mine up on friday morning.

iphone 7 4.7 inch screen  iphone 7 plus 5.5 inch screen

1. water resistannt

2. 256gb model available

3. 7 plus model has 2 cameras on back a wide-angle and telephoto camera lense and a upgraded front facing camera.


Apple watch series 2

1. built in gps

2. powerful new dual core processor

3. more durable with greater water resistance (50M)


Apple air pods

1. w1 chip for improved wireless and battery life

2. store and charge pods case

3. auto connection to any of your Apple devices straight out of the box


Like I said this week will be big for apple fanatics, tech enthusicas, and lovers of innovation. I cannot wait to get my hands on these products and really see the difference!

Until Friday Brent is Signing off


Just A Little Update

Good Day people, as some of our followers who have read our blog know I drive a 2011 Chevy Tahoe and have had some radio issues in the past. The original radio eventually died about 6 months ago and forced me to invest in a new system, the Pioneer App radio 4 or the SPH-DA 120.  This system has been great but had a couple of bugs that would occasionally happen Continue reading Just A Little Update

The Power of a Band

Apple Watch has truly become a must wear device and part of my daily wardrobe. I know if any apple marketing people read me and my wife’s blog by chance than job well on both counts! Sure there are the flaws that most 1st generation products have such as being slow, battery issues, and a few glitches but overall its a great pacakge. One of the most amazing parts of the watch compared to most other watches on the market is its ability to change the watch face to various backgrounds. This feature is nice because witht the unlimited amount of choices available to you its almost like the watch can go with any outfit and almost provides a brand new experince every single time it is worn. Through the first 6 months or so this provides me with a great joy to see how I could match it up with that days outfit but as of recent that wasnt giving me all the personalization that I craved. My standard watch and band that comes with the apple watch sport was a black band made of a very comfortable rubberized material (pictured below).


I stubbled across some new bands on ebay and amazon and realized this would help give me the extra bit of personaliztion that I was missing from my apple watch now. So as I looked online at different color bands from white, green, purple, etc to different materials from metals, plastics, even a denim type I stumbled upon this!!!

Screen Shot 2016-01-27 at 7.07.46 PM.png

As soon as I saw this band I was in love and though dark like my previous band this gave me a different look, so with that I hit the BUY IT NOW button. After about a week my band arrived at my house and I do my normal comparing to previous band.


So after all the much waited time and anticipation over the last week I put the new band on and it feels and fits great!

((side note apple makes it very easy to change bands in apple watch))

There is a little push down slot above and below the heart rate sensor on the back of the apple watch. This allows the band to be slid out when the push down is pressed and new bands can be slid right on and locked into place with ease.

So after having my watch since April and loving it, this new band has given this product new life, new looks, and a new yet very comfortable feel. I now may have a watch band addiction due to the good quality and cheap prices, all in all this purchase was a 5/5!

My ‘Knight’ in New York

So have you ever wondered how to convince your husband to drive 4 hours to New York for a Italian Fashion Magazine Launch
Party?  Now since I share this blog with my husband, Brent, I can’t reveal too many secrets but I’ll share some.

1st: It has to be free.

2nd: Mention briefly the event two months ahead of time, gauge his interest. Make sure you have asked nothing of him out of the ordinary during those two months.

3rd: The weekend of the event, it’s crucial that he has 2 days off work in row and his favorite professional sports team is not playing that night. This is critical.

4th: It should be a new experience that both of you will share. You know, be awkward together.

5th: Relish in the moment. Even though he wishes he was on the couch watching NBA highlights on ESPN, it’ll be all worth it when he looks at the genuine enjoyment on your face. Who knows, he may be willing to do it again…

Our date night of the month of December ended up being a date weekend.  We drove up Friday from Baltimore, IMG_5790going to straight to Uomo Moderno Launch Party and Fashion Show  at the Hudson Terrace Rooftop. IMG_5810We had to park pretty far away, but you know
how Manhattan is. It was a brisk walk to the event, but I figured it was a good sign that hubs was willing to participate in my snapchatting along the way.

Now, I will admit we are not party animals. Sooo, we were slightly out of our element, but it made it more fun. IMG_5803 (1) I feel its easier and safer to try new things when we’re together.


Although the editor, Francesco, was going through a tough personal loss of his partner, he, as usual, threw an amazing event. One of my favorite elements of any fashion show is the anticipation. The designer has worked all year or longer for this 5 minute moment.  There were designs from WYWoL and DueDiLatte (clothes made from 100%milk!!!), and I love love love a creative runway!!! It was literally 2 feet away from us! We thought we were laying low behind the scenes, but no, we were so close we might as well have been in the show.

FullSizeRender (6)

After the show, I enjoyed dancing to Beyonce – Run the World by myself on the dance floor, while hubs went to get the car so I wouldn’t have to walk in the cold again!! It’s the little things, you know?  Sometimes you have to get away, break the monotony of your crazy everyday life to give your ‘Knight in shining armor’ a chance to shine!



Check out our attire and travelling accessories!!!


The Journey Back To Sound

Its been a little while wordpress family but Brent is back with some tech news and reviews. For those that do not know I drive a 2011 Chevy Tahoe in which the radio died about six months ago. I managed to get through the next few months of quietness but really missed having my music and ability to make handsfree phone calls during my drives.As you know I did a piece on apple carplay about two months ago and thought since my system must be replaced why not try one of these new infotainment media systems.


Infotainment system by definition;  in-car entertainment (ICE), or in-vehicle infotainment (IVI), is a collection of hardware devices installed into automobiles, or other forms of road transportation, to provide audio or video entertainment, as well as automotive navigation systems.

So now that we have that background information, its was time for me to find a new system. After much debate it came down to two different units from Bestbuy. The first from pioneer was the sph da-120


which key features include apple carplay, bluetooth streaming of music and phone calls, has a 6.2 inch color captive touch screen and the ability to download various pioneer apps for use with system. The second system is the ilx-007 by alpine v141003-ilx-007carplaymenu

this system features a 7 inch captive touch screen, apple carplay, and mp3 player through usb port. I’ll spare all the time I spent researching these two systems for the sake of keeping this post interesting and let you know I chose the sph da 120 for 2 reasons

  1. Cost was 100 dollars cheaper
  2. Had bluetooth for anybody that might be in my car without an iPhone


Here are some install pictures of the work done at the Timonium Bestbuy


stay tuned in for updates!

IPhone 6s Plus Is Here and Boy Is It Fast!

Tech Tuesday Ladies and Gentlemen

Its September and that means another iPhone is here. This year is an “S” model year and usually brings moderate changes along with maybe an added feature or two. As the last “S” model was the iPhone 5s which brought touch  id to the mainstream for iPhone users. This year I told myself that I would not get the new iPhone and that the iOS 9 update would be enough to hold me over until the iPhone 7 comes out next year. But there i was 11pm the 24th of Sept camped outside the local At&t store in my neighborhood talking and eating food with people I have never seen or talked to in my life. The campout was pretty uneventful but went quickly with the line getting longer towards 7 am as those not brave enough or crazy enough to camp out started to arrive for the 8 am opening. We all got our phones and at first there really was not much excitement inside of me, that was until I started to use the phone. This iPhone is not a just a tweak of its predecessor the iPhone 6 and 6 plus its a whole new iPhone. This phone improves over the prior model in 3 complete ways.


3D Touch-Which allows the screen of the iPhone to be used in ways not seen before. The screen actually responds to the level of touch you give it because the screen actually is able to read the pressure and let you interact with apps by getting to the main points of interest, most frequently talked to, or what apple calls peek and pop. This feature is awesome but is a little easier shown than typed about.


New Camera–The camera arguably is the most important part of any smartphone now a days and the iPhone has always had one of the best but this year they went above and beyond by replacing  their already good 8 megapixel shooter with a 12 megapixel beast. This new camera has improved clarity, better image quality, and better image stabilization. It also includes some added features in live photos, 4k video and even allows the screen to be used as a flash for a night-time selfie.

A9 Chip and Ram–Like the post says this phone is super fast and that is up from 2 distinctive reasons the 2gb’s of ram upgraded from 1gb in last years model and the new A9 chip inside. The phone can handle many more open apps without seeing any type of slow downs on the phone with the new chip supposedly offering more than  70% faster cpu and 90% gpu than previous chip.

This iPhone is a remarkably different beasts with these additions and as usual apple continues to reinvent itself every year bringing new and better products to the masses.


Apple Carplay Take Over

Welcome to another Tuesday Tech by Brent post where this week we tackle Apple carplay. This new exciting software from apple has changed the automotive  and aftermarket audio industry in the last year and a half, but what exactly is it. Lets dive into it and see what the hype is truly about.

The most important questions are what is carplay and how does it help me?

As a starter carplay by definition is the smarter easier way to use your iPhone in the car. Carplay takes the things you want to do with your phone like text, maps, calls, and music and put them on your cars built-in display. This allows the user to stay connected while keeping their eyes on the road and staying safe.

The way that carplay is activated in your car is through iPhone connected carplay unit by lightning cable. Once the device is connected that is all you need to do for carplay to work because the software does the rest for you. As mentioned before this system lets you access the most important parts of your phone either by voice command or by touching the screen go the carplay unit to find what you need. We have had touchscreen car stereo units for years but they all reply on touching the units screen to work and with more and more states adopting laws on hands free cell phone use these units are not just a distraction but can cause you to break the law. This is where carplay shines because it uses “siri” the iPhones virtual assistant to help control all of the units features through voice control. This means total control while keeping your eyes and hands free and focused on the main task of driving.

There are four distinct parts of carplay which are messages, maps, phone, and music

The messages app allows you to dictate messages by voice as well as have the unit read your unread messages to you.
maps app allows you to tell siri where you want to go by address or location type such as gas station or food place.
phone app allows you to make and receive calls as well as listen to voice mails.
music app allows you to play your saved phone music, tracks from apple music, and can also be activated by speech.

Apple carplay units have been a success in a big way with many car manufactures adopting this tech for their cars and trucks starting in mid 2015.


Remember technology does not have to always be some dramatic new hardware piece but finding a way for the tech we have to be used more effectively in everyday life. Apple seems to be amazing at this almost as if they studied in how to solve problems people did not even know they had.

Apple Watch 120 Days Later Review

As I sit back in the office at work and check a text on my apple watch I remember for a split second just how awesome this gadget is.  Lets go back a little ways to  April 10th at 3:01 am; it seems not that long ago but in reality its been 120 days! That was the night that the apple watch preorders started online, and i was ready with laptop open, cup of tea and a credit card. What I didn’t know that night was how much of an impact this device would truly have on my day-to-day life. I am an apple fanatic so when another product was announced the excitement inside of me was instant, even if I wasn’t sure how much practicality or use this new device would give me in my life.

IMG_1841 IMG_1842

What are complications? these are the little bits of information on the watch face that provide up to the second instant information such as temperature, calories burned, upcoming calendar events, stock prices, etc. These elements of the watch face tend to be customizable to show users more or less information depending on user preferences.  These are constantly available and always being updated to keep you in the know to the things that really matter. In addition the red dot at the top of the screen on watch lets you know you have notifications that need to be viewed.

In my watch screenshot i have todays date and day of the week, next event on the calendar, time for Munich, activity tracker and Luxottica’s current stock price.

In this screenshot the complications used are for moon phase, battery level, stop watch, and timer.
     So just how useful is this thing is the question most people have had since this product was announced , and I am here today to tell you that for me its an invaluable tool everyday for the quickness that it lets me gain access to the information that I want to see. This may sound so basic and simple but in reality does a person read the whole newspaper  or just the parts that appeal to them? For those that read the whole paper and are not sure what parts will be most interesting to them then the watch may not fully satisfy their news, notification, reading, texting appetite. Those users demand a bigger screen and more features because they are going to be looking at the screen too long for the quick glances of information offered by the apple watch to be enough. The other portion of readers  know just what they want to do (i.e. check bank account balance, check sports score, read a quick text, check heart rate, use apple pay etc) this watch is perfect. The glances of information  that the apple watch gives you are very specific to your own taste and personal preferences; these include your favorite team, closest Starbucks, calories burned, directions, and much more. 

These glances provide information that you want quickly without needing to grab your phone. Only downside is those users craving more information will need to use iPhone.

New update in the wings coming this fall to apple watch with added watch faces, new complications, more powerful siri, and numerous amounts of tweaks and enhancements the apple watch will only get more useful. The promise of getting instant notifications, activity tracking, siri, apple pay on my wrist was a lot to promise but for the most part apple delivered on all fronts. This watch has been not only a useful piece of technology but a good-looking accessory for all occasions. The watch offers so many different ways to customize its screen, watch band, and material made from that it’s not likely you will see the exact same one you are wearing on someone else’s wrist .  One last thing to remember this is not an iPhone replacement but more of an iPhone companion; and with that mindset in place people will be able to approach the idea of getting an apple watch with realistic expectations.

Tech With Brent

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