My ‘Knight’ in New York

So have you ever wondered how to convince your husband to drive 4 hours to New York for a Italian Fashion Magazine Launch
Party?  Now since I share this blog with my husband, Brent, I can’t reveal too many secrets but I’ll share some.

1st: It has to be free.

2nd: Mention briefly the event two months ahead of time, gauge his interest. Make sure you have asked nothing of him out of the ordinary during those two months.

3rd: The weekend of the event, it’s crucial that he has 2 days off work in row and his favorite professional sports team is not playing that night. This is critical.

4th: It should be a new experience that both of you will share. You know, be awkward together.

5th: Relish in the moment. Even though he wishes he was on the couch watching NBA highlights on ESPN, it’ll be all worth it when he looks at the genuine enjoyment on your face. Who knows, he may be willing to do it again…

Our date night of the month of December ended up being a date weekend.  We drove up Friday from Baltimore, IMG_5790going to straight to Uomo Moderno Launch Party and Fashion Show  at the Hudson Terrace Rooftop. IMG_5810We had to park pretty far away, but you know
how Manhattan is. It was a brisk walk to the event, but I figured it was a good sign that hubs was willing to participate in my snapchatting along the way.

Now, I will admit we are not party animals. Sooo, we were slightly out of our element, but it made it more fun. IMG_5803 (1) I feel its easier and safer to try new things when we’re together.


Although the editor, Francesco, was going through a tough personal loss of his partner, he, as usual, threw an amazing event. One of my favorite elements of any fashion show is the anticipation. The designer has worked all year or longer for this 5 minute moment.  There were designs from WYWoL and DueDiLatte (clothes made from 100%milk!!!), and I love love love a creative runway!!! It was literally 2 feet away from us! We thought we were laying low behind the scenes, but no, we were so close we might as well have been in the show.

FullSizeRender (6)

After the show, I enjoyed dancing to Beyonce – Run the World by myself on the dance floor, while hubs went to get the car so I wouldn’t have to walk in the cold again!! It’s the little things, you know?  Sometimes you have to get away, break the monotony of your crazy everyday life to give your ‘Knight in shining armor’ a chance to shine!



Check out our attire and travelling accessories!!!


2 thoughts on “My ‘Knight’ in New York

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  1. Wondrous Wednesday greetings Naomi!

    Hola to you and Brent! I so enjoyed this blog post! Such great suggestions on getting your hubby to attend that fashion gala, which was oh so WORTH the drive and time. Plus, as you said, just being with your significant and sharing the moment was invaluable!!

    Thank you so much for visiting my blog!

    In fashion appreciation,



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