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Face your Fears better yet, Embrace them!

Easier said than done, am I right? Recently I’ve seen this in action, from an incredibly strong black woman who you wouldn’t think feared anything… my beautiful mother-in-law.  In September, she married her high school sweetheart. IMG_0112
Their paths diverged while in college.  Both of them are succeeding in their careers. Both of them have personal achievements, he married for decades and had 4 children, now is widowed; she had an amazing child, Brent, who is now my hot and wonderful husband. IMG_0084 From when they were separated, they grew through their separated lives, to the confident people they are today. Despite fears of the past, future, potential judgment of others, they pursued their newfound love. IMG_0034

So Commendable!

As a woman, despite my parents doing the best they can (I mean my dad still calls me his princess) … I have insecurities. While my mother-in-law was branching into real-life unchartered territory, it actually made me realize my fears are so minimal.  I grew up an athlete, pretty much fit, even with previous pregnancies, my body bounced back pretty well.  My mother-in-law’s wedding was 5 weeks after having a baby.  Making motherhood look good is kinda my thing.  Fashion is kinda my thing.  And yet, I was nervous about how I looked. Knowing that no-one would even care, I just was quietly fixated on it.

I’m currently weighing in at 188lbs, but used to hovering at 160lbs,

NYFW last yr

This meant my dresses no longer fit.  I usually encourage myself to workout and lose weight in an healthy way, by not giving in and buying a larger clothing size.  But obviously, my hand was forced in this event.  First, I can’t or shouldn’t really try to lose weight while breastfeeding, I fear I’d lose my supply.  Second, with four kids and now I’m back to work, I’m really struggling to see when I have the time or energy to workout.  Basically when I’m at work, my hubs has the newborn and when he’s at work, I have the newborn.  I’m sure I’ll figure it out. But for now, what to wear???


At work the other day, a nurse said while looking at pictures of the newborn, “Don’t worry you’ll lose your belly… why arent you wearing Spanx?” Now, I consider work a safe place to be yourself, after all I’ve dedicated my life to medicine and taking care of patients.  My gut shouldn’t matter.  I definitely felt self-conscious, as everyone then looked at my belly.   I don’t own Spanx but I thought maybe I should invest, save myself from these unsolicited comments.


As a great personal stylist, to myself lol, I thought, Bold colors, Patterns, the louder the better! I went to my go-to sites, I wasn’t sure of my size, I kinda assumed a 12.  I checked out Rue-la-la, Zara, Gilt, but it wasn’t until ASOS that I hit the jackpot.   Now that I had my blue dress, I had to dress my cute accessories, aka my kids lol.

3 of the 4 kids

I tried it on, and it fit well! I’m 5’10” and it was perfectly below the knee, the color looked just like the picture, I mean when does that ever happen?!? IMG_0094

So, I felt I looked good, hubs approved, I got compliments at the wedding. All good right? But I looked at some wedding pictures and I was bit horrified.


You could see the complete lower outline of my gut, and my belly button! (I’m one of those people with an outie, and am extremely self-conscious about it.) I was thinking Oh Why, didn’t I buy some Spanx.

Then I thought…

Motherhood is a blessing.  My body imperfections are a badge of honor. Like my mother-in-law, you got to not only Face your Fears but Embrace them.  And try your darndest not to be paralyzed by them.  Inspiration is everywhere, I hope this post gave you a little.





Our Fantastic Fourth! Introducing, Sadie Jean…

Sadie Sweet Sadie Jean… On August 2nd at 0236, in glorious fashion, we welcomed our 4th kid, aka heavyweight champion, weighing in at 8lbs 4oz (largest of the 4) and 21.5in.

IMG_3633My ob/gyn so kindly followed my birth plan but young Sadie did not as much, you know how girls are, lol. I was induced early morning August 1st, was in labor 13hrs, not the tortuous kind (until the end). I had my lil one the same hospital as all the others, I like consistency.  Its nice because 6 people are allowed in the birth suite at the same time, which totally passes the time.

My Dad and I

I waited until 4 cm dilated to get my epidural, even though I didn’t feel I needed it at the time, but I was too nervous to sway away from my birth plan.  Despite me telling the anesthesiologist, that this is my 4th epidural and I’ve had the complications of the others: spinal headache, spinal not epidural, and it numbing only the left not right, she didn’t really listen. So while she was putting it in, I felt a tingle in the right, so I told her.  Instead of her adjusting it, she asked if I had scoliosis, I mean God forbid she admits to not being midline in my back.

My brother arrived around midnite!

So, I asked her to keep on the lowest setting, the contractions became a lot more intense at 11pm, lasting about 2 minutes about 2 minute apart, well thats all I was feeling, for the right side was numb and the left I could feel full blown.  This time I decided that I’m going to allow myself to feel it, it should help with pushing. I’m notorious for running out of steam while pushing mostly from not being able to feel it well and pushing ineffectively.  IMG_3651But not this time, I was a pro, I told the doctor when it was time to push, after about 8 min, the baby was out!!! I tried the immediate skin to skin thing since that’s hot right now.  Super gooey but super awesome!

IMG_3648So I gave my husband, Brent, his baby girl…

Fantastic Four!

It was a little difficult in the hospital, since I kept her the entire time, and I was exhausted and barely able to walk the first few days, but hubs and my mom were super helpful.  Sadie Jean did have slightly elevated bilirubin, didn’t require Phototherapy or anything, but they told me its because I wasn’t breastfeeding enough. Wasn’t sure how I could breast feed anymore, it was every hour… And she latched on well!IMG_3663Since I had her early Tuesday am, my doctor had me stay til Friday.  Which I did not anticipate, fortunately my mom was super helpful with the other 3 kids…

The 5 yr old finally a big brother or as he calls it “the Boss” of the baby

I’m not gonna lie, we are a bit nervous for we are in charge of 4 children, Four!!!!

Enter a caption

But we are so blessed. And with four, ages 17, 9, 5 and newbie; we dont have time to be anxious, we have one already committed to college for volleyball, 4th grade to get ready for, and the youngest boy gearing up for “big boy” school aka kindergarten.

Can’t leave the Hospital w/o her 1st selfie!

Life feels like its moving rapidly, we’re holding on tight, enjoying the ride.


Twas the Night Before Induction – 38 and 4th

Let’s see, tomorrow we will meet the newest addition to our family, my next obsession.  Everyone is excited, nervous, anxious… the last two is just me, lol…

The 9yr old kisses my belly everyday!!!

So what’s it like to be a mother of 3, with one on the way… Busy Busy Busy… But in an amazing way! Lets recap the last 6 wks!

Last 2 weeks of June: Pre-K Graduation!!!

First, the then 4year old, graduated from pre-K, we were proud of him, but he seemed even more proud of himself! I love his confidence, he did an amazing performance of the  father bear in Goldilocks and sang his little heart out of You are my Sunshine!


4 yr old turns 5 (three times, lol!)

As an aside, June is big birthday month for the boys… Now, I created a monster with the lil ones, because typically there’s a party at school, one where family/friends go to, and one on the actual day.  Unfortunately for my pockets, it was 3 separate days for the now 5yr old. So, the Friday before the trip to Orlando, he had a party at daycare. The next day, we had a big family Chuck E Cheese party…


Party #3 was on his real birth date, and he told me, he can not turn 5 with out cake on the actual day. So, since her games that day didn’t end till 8pm, he couldn’t turn 5 until after that. I googled and made a mad dash to a party store, so he could turn 5, for real, lol.

He said, “Im 5, Im going to kindergarten tomorrow!”

So Orlando was the last family vacation as 5,  it was also the last club volleyball tournament, but of course, it was a much needed break from work for me. Plus, I wanted to bond with the kids and give them my utmost un-interrupted attention as possible.

Now, it was 90 degrees and as pregnant as I was… Processed with VSCO with a10 preset

… It was rough, but the kids had so much fun. We stayed at our usual spot the Sheraton Vistana Resort, which I highly recommend. There’s so much to do at the resort for adult and kids, and it’ll make up for the fact that you may not be able to afford Disney tickets, like myself.


We Love Daytona Beach!!!

So, it was raining a decent amount, but one golden morning it was cloudy but 100 degrees and her games didn’t start to 3pm… so why not drive a hr or so to Daytona.  The fine sand is sooo soft and the water is amazing!

Birthday Boy #2!!!

Once we returned after a week of relaxation, fun in the sun, & college volleyball recruiting ending a busy 6mth club volleyball season, it was time for the 8 year old to turn 9!

He only wanted a party at home (thank goodness!)

Entering July: Birthday Girl… Yay me!!!

Okay “girl” is a stretch, I know. But after my nightshift, I walked into the house to a ice cream and a beautiful birthday serenade.  A few hours later, the kids went camping… leaving hubs and I to our own devices for 3 days!!! Which of course we spent working, lol. But we did go to my favorite spot, Red Lobster…

Never Disappoints!

and I know there are better seafood places, I’ve just love it here. I always went here for my birthday since I was 10!

We then went to see my favorite superhero of all time do her thing… Wonder Woman in 3D!!! IMG_3429

Kids 1st Camping Trip!!!

So I definitely did not partake in this activity, little too much nature for my delicate situation, but their great-aunt took them to Janes Island State Park.  But they fished and canoed, and ate Smores. Even the teenager had a good time!

Surprise Surprise…


So, while the kids were day 2 of the camping trip, I waddled myself home from work, and hubs was like throw on some black leggings, we’re going on a trip. Now, of course, Im like where are we going… Trust me he says… I’m not the most flexible, and I’m a huge control freak, but I thought just relax, relinquish control, a bit. I fell asleep in the car and woke up 2 hours later in Philadelphia! And he bought a pirates shirt, which he knows I’m a fashionista, hence the black leggings, he had me wear.  Hubs is a huge Pittsburgh fan and it was so fun to watch Pirates vs Phillies. Such a wonderful surprise!

This past week, the Last week before baby…

So, this post is the last 6 weeks in a nutshell.  Despite working everyday (nightshifts on the weekend) for the last 6 weeks, I tried hard to take care of the bun in the oven, as well as focus on every aspect on the family,

Yesterday’s Family Movie Night!!!

… before I know the newborn is going to take over my every thought/move. I only get a month off so I want to be able to focus on getting to know the baby, working on breastfeeding, all the while trying to continue my obsession on the other kids, after all this is the teenager’s senior year of high school, 9 year starts 4th grade, and the 5 year goes to Kindergarten!

Well, stay tuned, I’ll let you know how the induction and labor goes, I hear the 4th slides right out lol, we’ll see…



Smurfin’ around Dallas – #StyleMuseMonday

Yes, I’m totally showing my age. But back in the day, everyone wanted to be Smurfette, she was awesome, all the dudes respected her… ahhh good times.

Anywho, when leaving the tournament in Dallas for a litle while to get a quick power nap at the hotel, we saw this crazy huge hat. So you gotta stop to take pictures there right??? IMG_2472

I so happen to have my Dorothy Perkins beautiful cobalt blue maxi dress on…


Which is lightweight, soft silky type of material…


I love the love the small gold statement piece at the neck, just a nice touch… 

You can find this perfect dress Here!!! 

Don’t forget to check out their 25% off Everything sale!!!

Oh and My shoes were from Chinese Laundry, but they are super old, I love these from                                       Saks Off 5th. Check out these Open-Toe Espadrille Wedge Sandals !

Well, Until next time….


Not so Slimming stripes, lol – #StyleMuseMonday

So continuing my pregnancy chicwear debut in Indianapolis with Stripes! Embracing the bump so for once I’m not using them for their slimming capabilities.

I like how I look 9 mths pregnant, but I’m only 6 🙂

IMG_1676                           www.jojomamanbebe.com


Still gray and black, I haven’t branched into colors yet, but maybe I’ll get a little Easter inspiration, lol….

My look is a stiped Jojo Maman Bebe a 
Side Gathered Striped Maternity Tops
Side Gathered Striped Maternity Tops which feels silky smooth on my occasionally itchy pregnant belly, is long sleeve which is perfect for a layered look and thick quality material, but not too heavy if you know what I mean.

My favorite Kimono cardigan also by Jojo Maman Bebe Knitted Charcoal Maternity Kimono

White sneakers: Puma from Off Saks 5th Avenue (super comfortable)  Puma’s Round Toe Lace-Up Sneakers

Okay, I promise to brighten up next week’s look even if the sky is gray… Stay tuned!!!




Gray like Indiana’s sky – #StyleMuseMonday

Sooo my daughter’s volleyball journey took us to Indianapolis.  And it was time for my pregnancy chic debut, lol… Sike, more pregnancy bump acceptance, since for 4 full days I would not be in scrubs.

So, despite the fact we were there to cheer, encourage my daughter and of course assist with the college recruiting process (there were a lot of big name colleges there and some were actually watching her!)… I had to represent for those preggo fashionistas:

So I checked ahead and it was supposed to approximately 60 degrees but raining. And on a gloomy day, its okay to blend in with a little gray of your own 🙂

So I hopped on a London maternity and children’s boutique called JoJo Maman Bébé -with roots in French nautical style, I heard of from instagram! As I read more about this brand, it is right down my alley, “supremely comfortable,” “fashionable and well made, but still affordable.” (direct quotes from their website)

First, I wanted a nice cardigan like sweater, that was of great sturdy quality, heavy but free-flowing for those occasional pregnancy hot flashes.


1st my outerwear … a Knitted Charcoal Maternity Kimono

2nd a maxi dress, with a little slit to show some of my nonexistent calf muscles, lol… this one is from Old Navy

…And if you want black I’d choose this Dorothy Perkins Black Jersey Maxi Dress !

3rd my rendition of the white sneaker trend, these ultra comfortable,  Puma’s Round Toe Lace-Up Sneakers

Near Indiana Convention Center

I hope you enjoyed this look! Check out next week, for my pregnancy outfit journey… And any advice for tall pregnant folk like me, I’d appreciate!


Flying high in Week 20! (literally) – 38 and 4th



Sooo, lets see what’s been going on… My AFP test was negative (woohoo!). We had an intensive second trimester ultrasound, like it wasn’t super fun per say it seemed all business, i.e. 3 view of the organs like kidneys. So, the tech went to go discuss everything with the doctor in the meantime she said I can go to the bathroom (you know how your bladder is hella full)… So we waited and waited for what felt like forever. She came back saying she has to get few more images, not to freak out she just forgot to check the bladder (phew!)

Baby’s first shoot:

Our checkup went well, only thing we didn’t get before it was genetic counseling, but that was only because the day we scheduled it for there was 8 inches of snow.  IMG_1990So, our obgyn said might as well cancel it, since all of the studies and lab work has been okay thus far.  I get a month break from any lab work, thank goodness!

**** By the way, our insurance company sent us the claim for the Panorama/Horizon chromosome test and it totaled $14,000, so keep that in mind if you need to get it.***

Eating Better


Can’t tell if its craving or addiction, but loving Caprese salads right now!

Trying New Things…

IMG_2059The teenager had a big volleyball tournament in Indianapolis which meant I had to catch a plane for the first time while pregnant. It was a quick nonstop flight from BWI but to put it mildly, I was a nervous nelly. Everything I read said metal detectors are safe but if it looks like the TSA agent says to go through to entire body scan, avoid that radiation by “opting out” and asking for a pat down.  TSA states the radiation is no more harmful than what you are exposed to when flying, but that was not very comforting.  When it came time for me, I just asked the agent if I could go through the metal detector and they were completely cool with it. (As usual stressin’ over nothing)

We did take a quick 1hr 40min drive over to Ohio to check out Xavier University, which she loved, and my teenager is hard to please lol.IMG_2082

Until next time guys, thanks for reading and taking this journey with us!


The Pitter Patter of 16 weeks! – 38 and 4th

Still riding the high of 2nd trimester! We had our prenatal checkup last week. And the lil one is hanging on the left side as usual, with a strong heartbeat so that’s cool.  Like most prenatal visits, you relax for a hot second, and then your OB/GYN tells you the next few things about which to worry. So, my initial blood work was good, chromosomal screening tests low risk but now I need to get my AFP bloodwork to rule out Spina Bifida. And then its time for the anatomy screening ultrasound, which is exciting because you get to see the baby but you’re nervous the entire time because they are taking measurements, closely checking the heart, spine, abdomen, head, limbs for deformities. But stay tuned because we’ll post next time a picture of the lil one’s impromptu photoshoot, lol.

Upside, I think, is that the Panorama test said we’re having a GIRL!  I thought, periods, proms, boys, and I hope she likes me…Hubs starting dreaming of his first daddy/daughter dance, lol…

Oh and I’m beginning to feel a little quickening!!! Random flutters whenever I sit still long enough. Pitter Patter. Pitter Patter. I think since it’s my fourth, I can easily distinguish it between normal stomach bubbling.  My abdominal muscles are a bit stretched which is why its on the earlier side with me (usually occurs 16-22wks).  A really cool reminder of how awesome pregnancy journey is!

Eating Better


Latest food I tried the Scallop Yaki Udon from Sushi Hana during my 12 hour nightshift the other day. It was a little expensive but soooo good!

Trying New Things…


While in New York, my daughter and I went to the rooftop of the Novotel Hotel in Times Square and took a gander of Manhattan!img_1711


I love this ROMWE Chiffon top, by the way, if you wanna check it out click here!!!

Until next time guys, thanks for reading and taking this journey with us!


The Met, my Teen and I – Our NYC Chronicles Pt.2

So since I brought my 17 yr old daughter and the new edition ( I’m 15 weeks pregnant) to New York Fashion Week, I thought let me ask my teen if there was anything she wants to do while in NYC. And she said go to a museum and to Broadway. Gosh, we may not agree on alot but it warmed my heart that she and I share a love for culture! Maybe because her name is Monet, I named her after one of my favorite painters, Claude Monet.

Well the first full day started off, with not only an hr of her putting her face on it the bathroom not exactly following my typed itinerary, but also a hop, skip and cab ride up to the magnificent Metropolitan Museum of Art. Although I went to post-graduate school in New York, spending my last year doing clinical rotations in Manhattan, I had never been to the Met or any museum. Just was constantly studying…


Anywho, after taking 20 pictures together in front of the beautiful building we actual decided to walk in.  The lobby is well, jaw-dropping. img_1508

There is a recommended admissions fee but they let you pay what you want, and I felt the admissions fee wasn’t asking for enough!


I let my daughter decide where we’d go. We had limited time because we had a fashion show/brunch to attend at 1pm.

First stop, coat check, lol.img_1612

We picked up some items to give us a little direction… img_1833

Next stop, European Paintings…

Rare moment… you’re teen is snapchatting the paintings!!! Not doing selfies lol. img_1530

I got a bit distracted, because a mosaic caught my eye on the way to Ancient Egypt… I love mosaics by the way. Like love.


Okay now to Ancient Egypt, we there were sacrophaguses, went on an old tomb walk through and actually saw some old Imhotep spells!!!

So afterwards we made a mad dash over to Ancient Asia…

Um, just so epic, larger than life…




Then somehow, we entered Ancient India. And wow!


Determined to get the shot!!!

Architectural Ensemble from Jain Meeting Hall. 16th cent. India


Well, unfortunately, our time was cut short, we never made it to Ancient Greece. But from what we saw this museum was so beautiful, curated so well, appropriate and intriguing for all ages and people from all walks of life, Even Baltimoreans 🙂



Butterfly in the New York Sky – #StyleMuseMonday

Oh yeah, its New York Fashion Week!!! Or for me, New York Fashion Week-end… After attending the Global Fashion Forum at Supernova at Novotel in Times Square, the view was so epic, my daughter and I had to get a closer look.

img_1684Although there had been a decent size snowstorm the day before, the weather warmed up to a lovely 45 degrees!!! Shop this top here

img_1697Since I’m in that stage when I’m refusing to accept that I need maternity clothes and still trying to squeeze in a large…

This Butterfly Print Chiffon Poncho Blouse is from Shein.com and only less than $15!!!


I never travel to Manhattan without my goto blue patent leather Zara shoes!!!

Since they are out of stock, Here are a few other options:
Black Patent Leather Lace Up Shoes
  from Shein  Black Patent Leather Lace Up Shoes

Of a color that pop would be best, lol… like I dont know, um Burgundy?
Burgundy Lace Up Patent Leather Shoes
 from RomweBurgundy Lace Up Patent Leather Shoes


Hope you enjoy!!!




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