The Pitter Patter of 16 weeks! – 38 and 4th

Still riding the high of 2nd trimester! We had our prenatal checkup last week. And the lil one is hanging on the left side as usual, with a strong heartbeat so that’s cool.  Like most prenatal visits, you relax for a hot second, and then your OB/GYN tells you the next few things about which to worry. So, my initial blood work was good, chromosomal screening tests low risk but now I need to get my AFP bloodwork to rule out Spina Bifida. And then its time for the anatomy screening ultrasound, which is exciting because you get to see the baby but you’re nervous the entire time because they are taking measurements, closely checking the heart, spine, abdomen, head, limbs for deformities. But stay tuned because we’ll post next time a picture of the lil one’s impromptu photoshoot, lol.

Upside, I think, is that the Panorama test said we’re having a GIRL!  I thought, periods, proms, boys, and I hope she likes me…Hubs starting dreaming of his first daddy/daughter dance, lol…

Oh and I’m beginning to feel a little quickening!!! Random flutters whenever I sit still long enough. Pitter Patter. Pitter Patter. I think since it’s my fourth, I can easily distinguish it between normal stomach bubbling.  My abdominal muscles are a bit stretched which is why its on the earlier side with me (usually occurs 16-22wks).  A really cool reminder of how awesome pregnancy journey is!

Eating Better


Latest food I tried the Scallop Yaki Udon from Sushi Hana during my 12 hour nightshift the other day. It was a little expensive but soooo good!

Trying New Things…


While in New York, my daughter and I went to the rooftop of the Novotel Hotel in Times Square and took a gander of Manhattan!img_1711


I love this ROMWE Chiffon top, by the way, if you wanna check it out click here!!!

Until next time guys, thanks for reading and taking this journey with us!


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