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Our Fantastic Fourth! Introducing, Sadie Jean…

Sadie Sweet Sadie Jean… On August 2nd at 0236, in glorious fashion, we welcomed our 4th kid, aka heavyweight champion, weighing in at 8lbs 4oz (largest of the 4) and 21.5in.

IMG_3633My ob/gyn so kindly followed my birth plan but young Sadie did not as much, you know how girls are, lol. I was induced early morning August 1st, was in labor 13hrs, not the tortuous kind (until the end). I had my lil one the same hospital as all the others, I like consistency.  Its nice because 6 people are allowed in the birth suite at the same time, which totally passes the time.

My Dad and I

I waited until 4 cm dilated to get my epidural, even though I didn’t feel I needed it at the time, but I was too nervous to sway away from my birth plan.  Despite me telling the anesthesiologist, that this is my 4th epidural and I’ve had the complications of the others: spinal headache, spinal not epidural, and it numbing only the left not right, she didn’t really listen. So while she was putting it in, I felt a tingle in the right, so I told her.  Instead of her adjusting it, she asked if I had scoliosis, I mean God forbid she admits to not being midline in my back.

My brother arrived around midnite!

So, I asked her to keep on the lowest setting, the contractions became a lot more intense at 11pm, lasting about 2 minutes about 2 minute apart, well thats all I was feeling, for the right side was numb and the left I could feel full blown.  This time I decided that I’m going to allow myself to feel it, it should help with pushing. I’m notorious for running out of steam while pushing mostly from not being able to feel it well and pushing ineffectively.  IMG_3651But not this time, I was a pro, I told the doctor when it was time to push, after about 8 min, the baby was out!!! I tried the immediate skin to skin thing since that’s hot right now.  Super gooey but super awesome!

IMG_3648So I gave my husband, Brent, his baby girl…

Fantastic Four!

It was a little difficult in the hospital, since I kept her the entire time, and I was exhausted and barely able to walk the first few days, but hubs and my mom were super helpful.  Sadie Jean did have slightly elevated bilirubin, didn’t require Phototherapy or anything, but they told me its because I wasn’t breastfeeding enough. Wasn’t sure how I could breast feed anymore, it was every hour… And she latched on well!IMG_3663Since I had her early Tuesday am, my doctor had me stay til Friday.  Which I did not anticipate, fortunately my mom was super helpful with the other 3 kids…

The 5 yr old finally a big brother or as he calls it “the Boss” of the baby

I’m not gonna lie, we are a bit nervous for we are in charge of 4 children, Four!!!!

Enter a caption

But we are so blessed. And with four, ages 17, 9, 5 and newbie; we dont have time to be anxious, we have one already committed to college for volleyball, 4th grade to get ready for, and the youngest boy gearing up for “big boy” school aka kindergarten.

Can’t leave the Hospital w/o her 1st selfie!

Life feels like its moving rapidly, we’re holding on tight, enjoying the ride.



Twas the Night Before Induction – 38 and 4th

Let’s see, tomorrow we will meet the newest addition to our family, my next obsession.  Everyone is excited, nervous, anxious… the last two is just me, lol…

The 9yr old kisses my belly everyday!!!

So what’s it like to be a mother of 3, with one on the way… Busy Busy Busy… But in an amazing way! Lets recap the last 6 wks!

Last 2 weeks of June: Pre-K Graduation!!!

First, the then 4year old, graduated from pre-K, we were proud of him, but he seemed even more proud of himself! I love his confidence, he did an amazing performance of the  father bear in Goldilocks and sang his little heart out of You are my Sunshine!


4 yr old turns 5 (three times, lol!)

As an aside, June is big birthday month for the boys… Now, I created a monster with the lil ones, because typically there’s a party at school, one where family/friends go to, and one on the actual day.  Unfortunately for my pockets, it was 3 separate days for the now 5yr old. So, the Friday before the trip to Orlando, he had a party at daycare. The next day, we had a big family Chuck E Cheese party…


Party #3 was on his real birth date, and he told me, he can not turn 5 with out cake on the actual day. So, since her games that day didn’t end till 8pm, he couldn’t turn 5 until after that. I googled and made a mad dash to a party store, so he could turn 5, for real, lol.

He said, “Im 5, Im going to kindergarten tomorrow!”

So Orlando was the last family vacation as 5,  it was also the last club volleyball tournament, but of course, it was a much needed break from work for me. Plus, I wanted to bond with the kids and give them my utmost un-interrupted attention as possible.

Now, it was 90 degrees and as pregnant as I was… Processed with VSCO with a10 preset

… It was rough, but the kids had so much fun. We stayed at our usual spot the Sheraton Vistana Resort, which I highly recommend. There’s so much to do at the resort for adult and kids, and it’ll make up for the fact that you may not be able to afford Disney tickets, like myself.


We Love Daytona Beach!!!

So, it was raining a decent amount, but one golden morning it was cloudy but 100 degrees and her games didn’t start to 3pm… so why not drive a hr or so to Daytona.  The fine sand is sooo soft and the water is amazing!

Birthday Boy #2!!!

Once we returned after a week of relaxation, fun in the sun, & college volleyball recruiting ending a busy 6mth club volleyball season, it was time for the 8 year old to turn 9!

He only wanted a party at home (thank goodness!)

Entering July: Birthday Girl… Yay me!!!

Okay “girl” is a stretch, I know. But after my nightshift, I walked into the house to a ice cream and a beautiful birthday serenade.  A few hours later, the kids went camping… leaving hubs and I to our own devices for 3 days!!! Which of course we spent working, lol. But we did go to my favorite spot, Red Lobster…

Never Disappoints!

and I know there are better seafood places, I’ve just love it here. I always went here for my birthday since I was 10!

We then went to see my favorite superhero of all time do her thing… Wonder Woman in 3D!!! IMG_3429

Kids 1st Camping Trip!!!

So I definitely did not partake in this activity, little too much nature for my delicate situation, but their great-aunt took them to Janes Island State Park.  But they fished and canoed, and ate Smores. Even the teenager had a good time!

Surprise Surprise…


So, while the kids were day 2 of the camping trip, I waddled myself home from work, and hubs was like throw on some black leggings, we’re going on a trip. Now, of course, Im like where are we going… Trust me he says… I’m not the most flexible, and I’m a huge control freak, but I thought just relax, relinquish control, a bit. I fell asleep in the car and woke up 2 hours later in Philadelphia! And he bought a pirates shirt, which he knows I’m a fashionista, hence the black leggings, he had me wear.  Hubs is a huge Pittsburgh fan and it was so fun to watch Pirates vs Phillies. Such a wonderful surprise!

This past week, the Last week before baby…

So, this post is the last 6 weeks in a nutshell.  Despite working everyday (nightshifts on the weekend) for the last 6 weeks, I tried hard to take care of the bun in the oven, as well as focus on every aspect on the family,

Yesterday’s Family Movie Night!!!

… before I know the newborn is going to take over my every thought/move. I only get a month off so I want to be able to focus on getting to know the baby, working on breastfeeding, all the while trying to continue my obsession on the other kids, after all this is the teenager’s senior year of high school, 9 year starts 4th grade, and the 5 year goes to Kindergarten!

Well, stay tuned, I’ll let you know how the induction and labor goes, I hear the 4th slides right out lol, we’ll see…



Braxton Hickup-ing across the country@ 32 wks! – 38 and 4th

I know I’ve been a bit M.I.A. but when you work 70-80 hrs a week in medicine with 3 kids and a husband, everything feels like its going nonstop!  Fortunately I love love love a challenge. So, what’s been going on? Besides getting a Rhogam shot…

I’ve received a few TSA pat downs… I know that the body scanner is not supposed to cause any harm, but I have upcoming flights and I fear overtime the radiation could, but I know its all in my head.

Well, I flew with my teenage to Dallas for Nationals volleyball tournament! IMG_2621

While we were there, we went over to Fort Worth to check out the Stockyards…IMG_2378IMG_2436


I took my mother to the Depository from where JFK was shot. Took this time to educate my teenager on his horrible assassination.  Although young, you could see how affected she was especially when hearing grandma recap her feelings, she remember exactly where she was, and overall sadness across the country.


Let’s see… Mother’s day was perfect, went to a family cookout, had a perfect day with my 3.5 little perfect people…

Memorial Day weekend, was a rare moment when Hubs (aka Brent) was off work and could travel, I definitely didn’t throw a pregnancy hormonal fit until he figured out how to make this happen, lol…


My daughter was invited to an academic volleyball camp across the country, where the top academic universities and colleges sent their coaches to evaluate the girls in a showcase.  Of course, I’m thinking, I’m almost 32 weeks pregnant, I should sit down somewhere. And I decided to sit on a flight across the country to Santa Clara, California! Never miss an opportunity… if you can help it 🙂


Started feeling some Braxton-Hicks for the first time just before this trip… been noticing it occurs when I work non-stop which I did 14 days straight, before relaxing in Cali… They don’t hurt, it just gets tight. Forces me to relax, I try lay back, drink some water, and they usually go away in like 5 minutes.


Believe or not, I still have been doing the best I can to eat well, take my prenatal vitamins… For now, I’m trying to do the best I can to do all I can to take care of the kids, because I know when the lil one comes, that’s where all my focus has to be, after all I only have a month off I for maternity leave.  My kids are used to having all of me… nervous but I’m sure everything will be okay. Stay tuned…





Flying high in Week 20! (literally) – 38 and 4th



Sooo, lets see what’s been going on… My AFP test was negative (woohoo!). We had an intensive second trimester ultrasound, like it wasn’t super fun per say it seemed all business, i.e. 3 view of the organs like kidneys. So, the tech went to go discuss everything with the doctor in the meantime she said I can go to the bathroom (you know how your bladder is hella full)… So we waited and waited for what felt like forever. She came back saying she has to get few more images, not to freak out she just forgot to check the bladder (phew!)

Baby’s first shoot:

Our checkup went well, only thing we didn’t get before it was genetic counseling, but that was only because the day we scheduled it for there was 8 inches of snow.  IMG_1990So, our obgyn said might as well cancel it, since all of the studies and lab work has been okay thus far.  I get a month break from any lab work, thank goodness!

**** By the way, our insurance company sent us the claim for the Panorama/Horizon chromosome test and it totaled $14,000, so keep that in mind if you need to get it.***

Eating Better


Can’t tell if its craving or addiction, but loving Caprese salads right now!

Trying New Things…

IMG_2059The teenager had a big volleyball tournament in Indianapolis which meant I had to catch a plane for the first time while pregnant. It was a quick nonstop flight from BWI but to put it mildly, I was a nervous nelly. Everything I read said metal detectors are safe but if it looks like the TSA agent says to go through to entire body scan, avoid that radiation by “opting out” and asking for a pat down.  TSA states the radiation is no more harmful than what you are exposed to when flying, but that was not very comforting.  When it came time for me, I just asked the agent if I could go through the metal detector and they were completely cool with it. (As usual stressin’ over nothing)

We did take a quick 1hr 40min drive over to Ohio to check out Xavier University, which she loved, and my teenager is hard to please lol.IMG_2082

Until next time guys, thanks for reading and taking this journey with us!


The Pitter Patter of 16 weeks! – 38 and 4th

Still riding the high of 2nd trimester! We had our prenatal checkup last week. And the lil one is hanging on the left side as usual, with a strong heartbeat so that’s cool.  Like most prenatal visits, you relax for a hot second, and then your OB/GYN tells you the next few things about which to worry. So, my initial blood work was good, chromosomal screening tests low risk but now I need to get my AFP bloodwork to rule out Spina Bifida. And then its time for the anatomy screening ultrasound, which is exciting because you get to see the baby but you’re nervous the entire time because they are taking measurements, closely checking the heart, spine, abdomen, head, limbs for deformities. But stay tuned because we’ll post next time a picture of the lil one’s impromptu photoshoot, lol.

Upside, I think, is that the Panorama test said we’re having a GIRL!  I thought, periods, proms, boys, and I hope she likes me…Hubs starting dreaming of his first daddy/daughter dance, lol…

Oh and I’m beginning to feel a little quickening!!! Random flutters whenever I sit still long enough. Pitter Patter. Pitter Patter. I think since it’s my fourth, I can easily distinguish it between normal stomach bubbling.  My abdominal muscles are a bit stretched which is why its on the earlier side with me (usually occurs 16-22wks).  A really cool reminder of how awesome pregnancy journey is!

Eating Better


Latest food I tried the Scallop Yaki Udon from Sushi Hana during my 12 hour nightshift the other day. It was a little expensive but soooo good!

Trying New Things…


While in New York, my daughter and I went to the rooftop of the Novotel Hotel in Times Square and took a gander of Manhattan!img_1711


I love this ROMWE Chiffon top, by the way, if you wanna check it out click here!!!

Until next time guys, thanks for reading and taking this journey with us!


1st Trimester is Yesterday News! – 38 & 4th

Week 14 – Chillin’ so hard right now

Sooo, what a difference a week makes! I mean by the end of the 12th week, my drama queen nature was in full force. I felt soooo tired and irritable, irritable that I’m tired, irritable that I was so moody, irritable that I just couldnt muster up the energy for anything. But being a working mom, mother of 3, doesn’t allow me to whine. Well, not until hubs comes home from work, lol.

I was totally stressing Week 13 about that Natera test, like superficially I was even keeled, but the 5 minutes I have to myself late night when everyone is asleep, was filled with nauseating anxiety.  To the point, that after 7 business days of no results, I called the company, and they were like your OB/GYN already has the results!!! So, my OB/GYN has an online portal where we can check my labwork, and the screening test was low risk for major chromosomal abnormalites Panorama test, and negative for Horizon. But as we are constantly reminded, it’s only a screening.

Eating Better


Tried Panera’s Thai Garden Chicken Wonton Broth Bowl. Now, it had a slight kick to it, but was light and yet hearty at the same time. I was working a 12 hr shift, so this was perfect, I dont need anything heavy that would make me moreeeee sleeeepy.

Trying New Things

I’m currently in New York City for New York Fashion Week, first stop was the Metropolitan Museum of Art.


The next task is kind of new to me, running around pregnant, and finding chic outfits when you’re tettering on the line between looking pregnant and looking like I ate 2 thanksgiving dinners. We’ll see how this turns out…

I have a routine doctor’s appt this week, wish us luck!  Oh, and don’t hesitate to chat, we love to hear what other expectant moms and dads are up to!


The Beginning… 38th & 4!!!

We took this picture right after we found out about 38 & 4th… No its not a street in Manhattan… It’s a new sorta unexpected addition to our little family of 5! As you can see hubs and I express excitement a little differently.

So each child was at a different time, the 17 year old, afer I graduated early from the great Johns Hopkins University. The 8 yr old during post-graduate training. The 4 yr old during the height of my career working 100 hrs a week.  Now I was definitely in a spot where I felt like I was sorta understanding this organized chaos that is my life.IMG_0499.JPG

I mean there’s no cruise control when your a nanny-less type A career woman, wife, mother of 3, who does a little fashion writing for fun.  Anywho, I wanted to share this new journey with you guys, because there isnt a lot out there about being a working mom with 3 kids in such different stages of their little lives.  With one, I’m knee-deep in SATs and college volleyball recruiting; while the youngest has the stress of which toy to bring for Friday Show-n-Tell.


Anywho, every week or so I’m going to share the latest…

Week 12

Per usual, so far I do not have morning sickness, but the fatigue, man, is tremendous! And the moods… I just feel bad for my hubs, Brent.  I think the fatigue is becoming slightly manageable, and I have less of a need for car naps, during work. The anxiety is real for us, we took the Natera test, and we have another week before we get the results about any chromosomal abnormalities. Can’t worry too much though, this one is in God’s hands.

Eating Better

Tried Zoe’s Kitchen for the first time. Ordered the Rosemary Ham & Mozzarella Piadina, extra mozz hold the aioli. (It’s an italian flatbread sandwich, with grilled ham, mozzarella, mixed greens and lemon vinaigrette.)fullsizerender-27 Don’t worry, I know lunchmeat is bad, but as long as its heated to a certain temperature, which I requested, it’s all good. And I didnt eat the pasta salad, because gotta stay away from unpasteurized soft cheese, like feta 😦

Trying New Things

To deal with stress and learn how to relax, my daughter and I did Yoga at the Y for the first time ever a few days ago…


Anywho, that’s all for now.  If there’s any other soon-to-be moms that wanna chat about hopes, fears, or everything in between. Reach out!

**** Oh and don’t worry,  I still have a crazy busy New York Fashion Week planned in February. So far I plan on being media for Style Fashion Week, but definitely attending Harlem Fashion Week, and 3 others (to be determined). If everything continues to go well, I’m gonna have to shop for chic outfits with room for a bump! ****