Our Fantastic Fourth! Introducing, Sadie Jean…

Sadie Sweet Sadie Jean... On August 2nd at 0236, in glorious fashion, we welcomed our 4th kid, aka heavyweight champion, weighing in at 8lbs 4oz (largest of the 4) and 21.5in. My ob/gyn so kindly followed my birth plan but young Sadie did not as much, you know how girls are, lol. I was induced... Continue Reading →

Twas the Night Before Induction – 38 and 4th

Let's see, tomorrow we will meet the newest addition to our family, my next obsession.  Everyone is excited, nervous, anxious... the last two is just me, lol... So what's it like to be a mother of 3, with one on the way... Busy Busy Busy... But in an amazing way! Lets recap the last 6... Continue Reading →

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