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The Beginning… 38th & 4!!!

We took this picture right after we found out about 38 & 4th… No its not a street in Manhattan… It’s a new sorta unexpected addition to our little [...]

Thank You Pittsburgh

Soooo, blogging has helped me realize our date nights revolve around the 6 month club volleyball season… Anywho, our kid’s tournament took us to the beautiful [...]

For it’s 1, 2…

So last Thursday, Brent and I had big plans to head to NYC, for the 2nd half of a technology conference and maybe a fashion event near Times Square.  However, by the time [...]

Need A Lift?

P.O.W for week 6 comes from our Jamacia Trip in 2014 in which we rode the Sky Lift. This ride was a bit unnerving but gave us a great view of part of Ocho Rios! [...]


Week 4 P.O.W comes from our Jamacia trip which came via our last cruise in 2014! [...]

Wedding Love

This Photo of the Week comes from a wedding of dear friends, I shot this with a nikon d3200 [...]

Reality is What You Make It!

Hey its Brent with another Tech Tuesday post! I want to switch up my tech Tuesday post with a new series of posts once a month that will focus on products or technologies [...]

The Power of a Band

Apple Watch has truly become a must wear device and part of my daily wardrobe. I know if any apple marketing people read me and my wife’s blog by chance than job well [...]