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Steelers tried to Ruin my Date Night

So when you achieve certain goals, like marriage, great career, say like having 4 kids; you enter a world very people have lived. There’s no normal. You’re in a perpetual state of a “new” normal.

Fortunately (I think) our daughter’s volleyball tournaments take us all over the country. The boys tend to stay with my in laws, which used to mean the hotel room to ourselves. And you know what that means… Napping. Lots of napping. Except with the baby, since I’m still her food (aka I’m breastfeeding), we can’t “nap” and being by ourselves is just a lot more difficult. This one trip to Richmond, my mom went to and agreed to watch her for a few hours. Soooo, after a quick pumping, we were free to go. IMG_1388

I did not anticipate the Steelers sabotaging my date before it even started.  I mean they didn’t lose, they got destroyed. And being married to one of the biggest Steelers’ fan, meant my night was screwed.

He did try to act like everything was okay. He took me to CineBistro at Stony Point Fashion Park.

It was pretty cool inside. Dark though. Sorta hard to see your menu. IMG_0381I just had to get used to the ambience, obviously not your typical movie theater.  So you can eat while you wait for the movie to start; or once you’re in the theater they’ll be waiters/waitresses ready to take your order and bring you your meal before the movie begins (remember you must arrive 30 minutes before the movie)

While we waited 45 minutes for Jumanji (I love what the Rock is cooking), I decided to have my first drink since well election day (got pregnant that night while on a cruise lol).  There was definitely a lot to chose from.  The Berry Breeze would be my first drink in a year and a half, and it did not disappoint! We ordered some perfectly seasoned wings, which we devoured in minutes lol.

The movie theater wasn’t too big, all seats were great seats basically. The chairs lounged back and were very comfy.

I know when you go to an upscale movie theater, the last thing you order should be popcorn. But I’ve never seen a movie without eating popcorn, and I wasn’t about to start now.  I want to say more about the in theater dining experience, but it was pretty seamless, didn’t take away from the movie experience, which is surprising because everyone in the theater was basically getting their meals at the same time. You would think it would be disruptive but no, it was just well run. IMG_0393(Hubs order a hamburger which he said was fantastic.)

The movie was fun, you really can’t go wrong with the Rock and Kevin Hart, like ever. Afterwards, it seemed like Hubs spirits were uplifted, we played a little chess, laughed even held hands.

But then we turned our phones back on, reality set back in, he became a sad Steelers’ fan and I went back to being a Ravens’ fan secretly laughing inside (Boooo, Steelers !!!)




Our Fantastic Fourth! Introducing, Sadie Jean…

Sadie Sweet Sadie Jean… On August 2nd at 0236, in glorious fashion, we welcomed our 4th kid, aka heavyweight champion, weighing in at 8lbs 4oz (largest of the 4) and 21.5in.

IMG_3633My ob/gyn so kindly followed my birth plan but young Sadie did not as much, you know how girls are, lol. I was induced early morning August 1st, was in labor 13hrs, not the tortuous kind (until the end). I had my lil one the same hospital as all the others, I like consistency.  Its nice because 6 people are allowed in the birth suite at the same time, which totally passes the time.

My Dad and I

I waited until 4 cm dilated to get my epidural, even though I didn’t feel I needed it at the time, but I was too nervous to sway away from my birth plan.  Despite me telling the anesthesiologist, that this is my 4th epidural and I’ve had the complications of the others: spinal headache, spinal not epidural, and it numbing only the left not right, she didn’t really listen. So while she was putting it in, I felt a tingle in the right, so I told her.  Instead of her adjusting it, she asked if I had scoliosis, I mean God forbid she admits to not being midline in my back.

My brother arrived around midnite!

So, I asked her to keep on the lowest setting, the contractions became a lot more intense at 11pm, lasting about 2 minutes about 2 minute apart, well thats all I was feeling, for the right side was numb and the left I could feel full blown.  This time I decided that I’m going to allow myself to feel it, it should help with pushing. I’m notorious for running out of steam while pushing mostly from not being able to feel it well and pushing ineffectively.  IMG_3651But not this time, I was a pro, I told the doctor when it was time to push, after about 8 min, the baby was out!!! I tried the immediate skin to skin thing since that’s hot right now.  Super gooey but super awesome!

IMG_3648So I gave my husband, Brent, his baby girl…

Fantastic Four!

It was a little difficult in the hospital, since I kept her the entire time, and I was exhausted and barely able to walk the first few days, but hubs and my mom were super helpful.  Sadie Jean did have slightly elevated bilirubin, didn’t require Phototherapy or anything, but they told me its because I wasn’t breastfeeding enough. Wasn’t sure how I could breast feed anymore, it was every hour… And she latched on well!IMG_3663Since I had her early Tuesday am, my doctor had me stay til Friday.  Which I did not anticipate, fortunately my mom was super helpful with the other 3 kids…

The 5 yr old finally a big brother or as he calls it “the Boss” of the baby

I’m not gonna lie, we are a bit nervous for we are in charge of 4 children, Four!!!!

Enter a caption

But we are so blessed. And with four, ages 17, 9, 5 and newbie; we dont have time to be anxious, we have one already committed to college for volleyball, 4th grade to get ready for, and the youngest boy gearing up for “big boy” school aka kindergarten.

Can’t leave the Hospital w/o her 1st selfie!

Life feels like its moving rapidly, we’re holding on tight, enjoying the ride.


Rekindling our love, Fogo-style… Our 5th Wedding Anniversary!!!

So it’s hard to celebrate when work schedules do not permit. On our 5th wedding anniversary (Shout out to us!), I was working 12 hr nightshifts and hubs was working during the day.  Since this is pretty normal us, usually happens once a month, we vowed to try to go out together soon.  We exchanged gifts when I got home from work Saturday morning before he went to work.  The theme was wood, as usual Brent, made my gift look just dumb. He got me a carved cutting board, and we’re just not even going to discuss my weak gift, lol.  IMG_2015

Hubs seemed pretty satisfied with yet again destroying me the gift department, and I felt bad vowing to do better next year.

*Just to give you an idea of how stellar he is; 6 yrs ago on Christmas morning, he proposed to me with build-a-bears, dressed with a wedding gown and tux; and I gave him UGG mocassins 😦 *

Apparently our lackadasical attitude was unacceptable to my mother-in-law, and rightfully so.  We’ve been bogged down with life stuff,  kid’s tuitions, baby on the way, new house search… Still as she said so eloquently to me,” that’s no excuse.” So she bought us a Fogo de Chao (brazilian steakhouse) gift card, which also so happens to be our 1st anniversary spot.

2 weeks later, despite the fact the opposite work schedules again, we went on a hot date to Fogo.  To maximize my experience of salad perfection, and fine meat galore, I only ate cream of wheat that morning, oh my stomach was going to be sufficiently empty to take it alllllll in!


If you haven’t been, and even if you’re a vegetarian, I highly recommend Fogo de Chao.

It is an upscale experience, and somehow made fine dining and buffet synonymous.  In Baltimore, ours is located in the Inner Harbor downtown, right near the water.

How it works: Once you get seated, you’re served drinks of your choosing, then you can immediately start at the beautiful salad bar.

Everything looks so fresh and crisp, you almost dont want to touch it and ruin the display.

Then once seated again, you get a circular card, green on one side and red on the other.  IMG_2214If green side up, the “gaucho” will continue to bring various meat dishes  around, slice the amount you request, and move along. Red side up, means you need a break or you are incredibly full.

My favorite is the bacon-wrapped anything lol.

Delectable pork, lamb, chicken dishes menu here.  Steak options include: Beef Ancho (ribeye), Filet Mignon, Picanha (prime sirloin) and more!

Of course, made room for dessert!

They were so thoughtful!

So, sufficiently full, we made a pact to do better, make time for each other. Then we rushed home because the teenager was watching her little brothers and had to study for a big test in the morn.


The Beginning… 38th & 4!!!

We took this picture right after we found out about 38 & 4th… No its not a street in Manhattan… It’s a new sorta unexpected addition to our little family of 5! As you can see hubs and I express excitement a little differently.

So each child was at a different time, the 17 year old, afer I graduated early from the great Johns Hopkins University. The 8 yr old during post-graduate training. The 4 yr old during the height of my career working 100 hrs a week.  Now I was definitely in a spot where I felt like I was sorta understanding this organized chaos that is my life.IMG_0499.JPG

I mean there’s no cruise control when your a nanny-less type A career woman, wife, mother of 3, who does a little fashion writing for fun.  Anywho, I wanted to share this new journey with you guys, because there isnt a lot out there about being a working mom with 3 kids in such different stages of their little lives.  With one, I’m knee-deep in SATs and college volleyball recruiting; while the youngest has the stress of which toy to bring for Friday Show-n-Tell.


Anywho, every week or so I’m going to share the latest…

Week 12

Per usual, so far I do not have morning sickness, but the fatigue, man, is tremendous! And the moods… I just feel bad for my hubs, Brent.  I think the fatigue is becoming slightly manageable, and I have less of a need for car naps, during work. The anxiety is real for us, we took the Natera test, and we have another week before we get the results about any chromosomal abnormalities. Can’t worry too much though, this one is in God’s hands.

Eating Better

Tried Zoe’s Kitchen for the first time. Ordered the Rosemary Ham & Mozzarella Piadina, extra mozz hold the aioli. (It’s an italian flatbread sandwich, with grilled ham, mozzarella, mixed greens and lemon vinaigrette.)fullsizerender-27 Don’t worry, I know lunchmeat is bad, but as long as its heated to a certain temperature, which I requested, it’s all good. And I didnt eat the pasta salad, because gotta stay away from unpasteurized soft cheese, like feta 😦

Trying New Things

To deal with stress and learn how to relax, my daughter and I did Yoga at the Y for the first time ever a few days ago…


Anywho, that’s all for now.  If there’s any other soon-to-be moms that wanna chat about hopes, fears, or everything in between. Reach out!

**** Oh and don’t worry,  I still have a crazy busy New York Fashion Week planned in February. So far I plan on being media for Style Fashion Week, but definitely attending Harlem Fashion Week, and 3 others (to be determined). If everything continues to go well, I’m gonna have to shop for chic outfits with room for a bump! ****






Thank You Pittsburgh

Soooo, blogging has helped me realize our date nights revolve around the 6 month club volleyball season…FullSizeRender 9

Anywho, our kid’s tournament took us to the beautiful town of Pittsburgh (hubs hometown) this past Memorial Day Weekend.

Hubs drove me up (4hr drive) then turned back around went home, went to work, and drove back up a day later. Crazy, I know, but you know how husbands are when they are trying to save a dollar. I was like I could just catch a train, he was like absolutely not. I digress.

We went to the Waterfront and did the standard movie then if any money left, dinner, lol… We went to what we call a romantic comedy aka Xmen-Apocalypse.  IMG_8571


After getting entertained on an already determined plot redesigned in a fantastical way; we had a tough decision. Burgatory or Bar Louie. IMG_8570

Even though we wanted burgers, we chose Bar Louie, I guess we wanted the option to have something else, lol…


IMG_8575IMG_8573 So, it took about 40 minutes for our burgers to come, I guess they’re used to people getting a bunch of drinks prior so the wait time is obscured

Anywho, the food tasted great. Thank goodness. Now, we didn’t do the touristy stuff, i.e. incline, mostly because we’ve been to Pittsburgh millions of time. But Brent will make a quicky post to let you know top 4 things to do.

We attempted to be responsible, and went straight to the hotel, since our kid’s first game the next morning was 8am, for the 3rd day in a row! Oh and as an aside, they won Silver in East Coast Championships which was huge for us!!!  Definitely one of those times, where you learn something from your child. Despite highs, lows and way lows that her team endured, she stayed focused, continued to work hard, and had unwavering faith and belief in her teammates.

Hope you have a fantastic weekend!!! I’m heading to New York to cover a show in the Bronx tomorrow… stay tuned!!!


For it’s 1, 2…

So last Thursday, Brent and I had big plans to head to NYC, for the 2nd half of a technology conference IMG_8197and maybe a fashion event near Times Square.  However, by the time we got there from Baltimore, we thought lets ditch content and chose bonding 🙂

When blogging with your husband there is a fine line between events Continue reading For it’s 1, 2…

Reality is What You Make It!

Hey its Brent with another Tech Tuesday post! I want to switch up my tech Tuesday post with a new series of posts once a month that will focus on products or technologies that are poised to explode this year. These include wearable tech, 3D printing, VR tech, and others. So check back throughout the year and take a tech ride with me (I know its corny but I couldn’t help myself). Continue reading Reality is What You Make It!