For it’s 1, 2…

So last Thursday, Brent and I had big plans to head to NYC, for the 2nd half of a technology conference IMG_8197and maybe a fashion event near Times Square.  However, by the time we got there from Baltimore, we thought lets ditch content and chose bonding 🙂

When blogging with your husband there is a fine line between events for the blog and just actual dating.  With 3 kids its kinda difficult to get away, and although we love love love fashion and technology, sports is basically our wheelhouse.  We only have one TV in our house (no TVs allowed in bedrooms) and basically there is sports (and Disney Junior) on at all times. I’m personally addicted to tennis, watching Tennis Channel daily. Brent is from Pittsburgh, and people from Pittsburgh don’t play when it comes to sports!  Pirates (baseball), Penguins (hockey), and Steelers (football) take precedence over everything!!! Fortunately we share a deep love for sports and of course… each other.



So on this beautiful day, we drove slowly through the traffic-infected Lincoln tunnel, found ourselves cruising down the West Side Highway, and then boogie-ing down in the Bronx.  Needlessly to say, we went to our first Yankee game in the great Yankee Stadium!! Being surrounding by all of that history, sheer excitement, great food, was an amazing experience, its almost difficult to describe. IMG_8206

Even if you are indifferent to sports, the atmosphere will make you the biggest fan.  You will be questioning, why have you never done this before?


Along with the standard marriage goals, we always said we’d love to go to every Major League Baseball stadium, but so far its been the Nationals Park in DC, Heinz Field in Pittsburgh, and well of course Camden Yards in Baltimore!  Anywho, the Yankees won, and I found myself dancing to New York, New York as we headed out of the stadium.


So, traveling down the NJ turnpike back home was relaxing (at least for me). We arrived home at 130am.  And life gently smacked us in the face, because we were quickly reminded that we have 5 hours until picking the kids up from my mom’s house taking them to school and heading to work, lol…


When your life is as hectic as ours, its important to not waste those sacred moments together (by sleeping lol).






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