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City girl in the Stockyards – #StyleMuseMonday

So, my daughter’s volleyball travels, brought us to Dallas, Texas this past weekend.  Typically, I try to take my mom to a few historical spots while we’re there. And she picks the Fort Worth Stockyards! IMG_2342               

Gotta see some longhorns if your in Texas, right?

Well, I can honestly say I did not choose an outfit fitting for my location, but excited to rock my lastest dress from Dorothy Perkins.

My Look:IMG_2336

My Dress is from Dorothy Perkins, strong material, but so soft, comfortable; with a hint of athe-leisure! You can find my Maternity Grey Wrap Hem Dress here, I wear a size 10 UK, 8 US…

My fantastic shoes is also from Dorothy Perkins. I kinda went out on a limb here, because I just was not sure how they would fit. But fit is true to size, so don’t worry! You can find the Black ‘Candle’ Pineapple Espadrilles here! IMG_2437

Other shoe options that I love, love, love!!! From Saks 5th Avenue OFF 5th which has a crazy shoe SALE right now, use code  SHOELOVE !!!

Frenchy Embellished Espadrilles

Dakota Suede Gladiator Espadrille Sandals

Such a simple look, but super pregnancy chic, am I right??? Well, until next week!



Getting Cozy at the Shack… #StyleMuseMonday

So after a long work week, for both of us, Brent treated his special girl, aka me, to a much needed date night! So I threw on my little off my the shoulder cozy yet slightly revealing pink sweater that I’ve been dying to wear!


Now fortunately the place was about 40 min away which gave me enough time to do all of my work documentation in the car… I’m such a romantic 🙂


Anywho, we went to Joe’s Crab Shack… my fav!!!


Find Hot Fashions at SheIn

Fortunately your outfit is protected by the bib while we attack those Snow and Dungeness Crab steampots!

Well, you can totally shop this cozy knit from SHEIN.com !!!

Pink One Shoulder Dip Hem T-shirt

Pink One Shoulder Dip Hem T-shirt

Super Perfect additions to this sweater look:

Brown PU Round Toe Buckle Strap Chunky Heel Knee Boots   
Brown PU Round Toe Buckle Strap Chunky Heel Knee Boots

Black Skinny Ankle Jeans   Huge Clearance Sale at SheIn - Shop now to save up to 90%, get free shipping and free returns - Ends
Black Skinny Ankle Jeans

Hopefully this satisfies your style appetite just as much as it Joe’s Crab Shack did for me! Oh and a Huge Clearance sale right now too!!! 

Well, Until next week…


*** So lucky that I get to collab with Shein! ***

Hot Husband alert! #StyleMuseMonday

Well hubs, aka Brent of BrentandNaomi Blog, quickly learned that Style Muse Monday is a family affair during an impromptu photoshoot when he just so happened to wear this shirt from Jimmy Jazz.


Shop the Look! It’s from Jimmy Jazz, sort of an upscale streetwear website.  This shirt is by Diamond Supply Company. Perfect for your hot men everywhere!  


If you are a guy checking this out, I know how you guys love a discount lol, so I put some coupons here!



The Launch… 7 years & a dream

Very few people can say, their little brother launched a Sneaker Collection. Well, I am one of them!  Last Wednesday, we drove down to Washington, DC for his launch party, you to live vicariously through my brother’s awesomeness! His company No Kings Collective sneaker is in collaboration with BucketFeet.  It’s called ” 7’s ” celebrating seven years of hustle in the art game!

Check out his collection here!


Spreading the word…

Oh and here are my outfit details…

Body Suit – MakeMeChic 

Pants –  Nordstrom Rack (unavailable) but check out these  wide leg pants I should have worn (high waisted, khaki, wide leg:)

Faux Suede Ankle Boots – unavailable but check out a similar look !

                             Shop for stylish, affordable fashion at MakeMeChic.com

See below for further deals…

On the beautiful rooftop of Atlantic Plumbing venue!

Click on the links below for online retail therapy:

50% off sale items at Missguided !!!

And a 48hr Flash Sale at Forever 21 !!!

I’m really so proud of my brother, he can sculpt, paint, construct, crochet, knit… Despite nay-sayers, he has turned his passion into a lucrative, fulfilling career!


P.S. I love the brands Missguided, Forever 21, and MakeMeChic and fortunately I get to do Collaborations with them!

Forever Gucci … #StyleMuseMonday

So for this #StyleMuseMonday, I am showing off the outfit I wore to get my first pair of Gucci glasses, or Gucci anything for that matter.

So as we strolled around Nassau, Bahamas. I wore my loose-fitting yet super cute patterned dress from Forever 21!!! 

forever 21

(Oh excuse my hair, the crazy waves attacked me on Paradise Island, leaving me with crazy sand-filled hair, lol)

After swimming in Paradise Island!
Got Lavender and Vanilla infused soaps!

Click here to Get free shipping on all orders over $50 at Forever 21!

1st Gucci Sunglasses (in a post to come!)
So long Nassau 😦

Click here for other  Fun, Flirty, Forever 21 dresses!!!

Btw, the Backpack is from Zara! (sadly no longer available)

So, sorta steered away from my initial plan for this post (blame my 3 nightshift calls) but I promise next week, I’ll be showing off a lil more skin, lol! Not too much, don’t worry. Okay its swimwear.


*** Check out our facebook page where every Monday we post a little Style inspiration as part of our campaigns with my favs Missguided & Forever 21 also known as #StyleMuseMonday !! ***

The LooK of #StyleMuseMonday – November Edition !


So in November, we started Style Muse Mondays, and every Monday on our Facebook page, we post a fun outfit, appropriate for travel, date night, or your normal stylish day to day!  As you know, I am a busy career-driven mother of 3, and wife to Brent, so I want to look effortlessly chic (like seriously very little effort needed because I just don’t have the time, lol) … So for a little style inspiration, check our Facebook every Monday, or I will link the pages at the end of the month via a post!

We are currently working on two campaigns, so lucky to be affiliated with Brands, Romwe & Missguided that I rock, almost everyday!!! Check out the links below, from my recent trips to New York, and then my cruise to the Caribbean!

What I wore when I got a little inspiration from Lady Liberty!!!



What I wore On Carnival Conquest – Day 1!


What I wore in Grand Turk!!!


Stay tuned for December’s Edition of The LooK!



Diversity Truly Nourishes the Fashion Soul – Plitzs New York City Fashion Week Sept 2016

So, I’m just getting in from California listening to my usual fashion podcasts, getting their take on New York Fashion Week. And there was not a lot of positivity. I know people rarely love change, but the “see now, buy now” and change in venues seems to have overshadowed what makes fashion great. img_0801

Well, I’m here to say those critics must not have been at the right shows. Sometimes great things are right under your nose. For instance, Plitzs New York City Fashion Week. Now I admit I was unsure what to expect, but trust me it exceeded all of my expectations! I was fortunate to be media which means I have access to behind the scenes, the designers, and I get to view the production from a standpoint from which the average fashion enthusisast does not have the luxury. img_0802 And I appreciated and relished in the opportunity.

img_0803As soon as I arrived, and got my credentials, I bumped into some wonderful ladies in fantastical hats who seemed even more excited than I was, which was kind of hard to believe.  They were the Haute Dames Couture Ladies from New Orleans and they provide the accessories for Cupani Fashion designer who makes beautiful knitwear. img_0807

And I realized that’s what’s been missing. The excitement, and awe of being a part of something greater.

Outstanding Venue – Hotel Pennyslvania

The Plitzs team did an amazing job at providing emerging, independent designers from all over the world the perfect stage to showcase their talents.


As I sat front row for the first showcase, I was engrossed in the fashion, trying to guess the material used, feverishly writing (yes writing) notes because I did not want to miss a detail. And during the first designer, I overheard proud parents of one of the young models. Now, I was initially just loving what she was wearing and was amazed at how well she modelled at such a young age.  img_0846

But I felt it was interesting to be watching the same show as these parents with the same appreciation but from totally different perspectives. The dad said to me, “I assume your important because of your notepad.”  Important no, lucky yes…and I just explained that I support fashion through the written word. Of course, I congratulated them on their daughter’s great work.

Genuine Shared Joy for Fashion. I love it!

So, lets talk about the showcases!!! (Added some notes for you!)

Showcase #1

It was a nice, smart touch to have a presentation briefly while we waited for the first designer.

Blu Moon designsimg_0828


  • Beautiful kids designs
  • Fun sundresses

M Designs

  • This designer is an artist first-hand.
  • Great hand-painted prints!!!

    Fantastic lace sleeves

Xstravagance designs

  • Fearless use of patterns!
  • Fav was the white dress, such a great slit and the gold accessory…Wow!

Just like that fashion  

  • From Montana! Bohemian theme, true hippie chic, fun & flirty!

  • Loved floral ruffle pant suit with matching bag; And the occasional surprise addition to the clothing, like a bow!

    Such Range!

11 Degrees South

  • Models were just having too much fun!!! Clear how wonderful this collection made them feel  🙂img_0882
  • Great patterned cover ups, inspired by the Indonesian fabric of Batik

Tough Cookie

  • Representing the V of the DMV (aka Virginia)!!!
  • Well rounded line: from high fashion wedding dress and evening gowns (with a lot of glam!), to bold menswear and versatile day to night dresses

Kalene Designs 

  • Great use of Patterns with bathing suits, tops & pants; clear inspiration of both art and design
  • The designer’s inspiration was original African textiles with very deep meaning.


*** Immediate Press Conference was a wonderful idea, I have not seen that elsewhere. Usually its difficult to catch up with the designers before or after the show. But this is perfect for press, buyers, and photographers! ***


Showcase #2

Caronah Cassell Designs





So beautiful!



  • The song during the show “I’m coming out” was the exact tune you should have in your head when you are rocking these dresses!
  • If there is a sequin shortage in Rhode Island, don’t worry this designer worked wonders with them!!!
  • During this show, there were guests behind me who kept exclaiming, “Oh my God!” when every piece of this collection walked out. That’s the greatest sign how your clothes really moved the audience!


  • Making sweater weather fun; loved the floral knits

  • Perfect Junior prom dresses
  • Loved the makeup too, the glitter!


  • Respectfully represented Native American culture; truly connecting the world through fashion
  • Loved the slip dresses and great use of thick belts
  • Although very different dynamic colors, it flowed well!

Cupani Fashion 

  • This was the collection of the ladies I met before the show.  Initially, I only planned to stay for the first showcase, but I had to stay and see their designs!
  • Such use of colors! The clothes had great movement…
  • Such a beautiful concept hand-crocheted clothes with handmade one-of-a-kind hats!!!

MP Fashion 

  • Truly a fierce feminine collection!

    Favorite of this collection!


    Ruffles never looked so good!


  • Oh the creativity with the sleeves!!!
  • Loved the floral details on the yellow suit
  • Knitwear with sequins, Yes!

King Nelson X

  • These Parisian designers were clearly inspired by some of the most notable and powerful leaders of all time: Martin Luther King Jr, Malcolm X, and of course Nelson Mandela!!
  • Awesome Streetwear with great T’s
  • Loved and totally want T shirt dresses, they had a lose fit but yet still flirty and feminine


2nd Press Conference – Proud Designers


Bravo!!! It was a well-rounded showcase & production! In case you missed anything there was so many opportunities to find out more! Plitzs New York City Fashion Week never lost sight of what’s important, diversity, which is pivotal to fashion success!!  I truly felt this show was such a thoughtful way to provide an entry into the New York Fashion Week scene in an authentic, organic and genuine way. Absolutely can not wait until next year!



“Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined”

-Henry David Thoreau













Note: *The title is an adaptation of a respected quote from Cesar Chavez*

Baltimore’s Takeover of NYFW – Sept 2016

Ever since I found out Baltimore Fashion Umbrella was going to have a Designer’s Debut in New York City, I knew I had to be there.  I’ve attended Baltimore Fashion Week for the last few years so I knew Fashion Umbrella Foundation had so much to offer New York. IMG_0565

I was curious to see if once in Manhattan, debuting designers from across United States, would it hold on to its Baltimore City roots?  Well, Sharan Nixon did an amazing job at expanding and yet maintaining her message. Her production staff, make up artists from New York Institute of Beauty, models, and designers definitely did a great job promoting her vision.  The venue, Holiday Inn in midtown was perfect,img_0703… and overall environment was pleasant, and eager;

Guests patiently waiting…

I especially enjoyed sitting front row next to her beautiful and supportive mother. img_0706img_0705


Fantastic MC – Coley Cole da Model

First Designer: Parisa Kay of Indianapolis, Indiana


I loved the fusion of denim with lace, with the added accessories on the models’ feet.

Such Detail!

In fact, one of the coolest parts of her show was when the model took the leg lace piece off, turning pants to shorts! Such versatility!!!

Beautiful dresses!!!

Second Designer:  Margaret Sanzo of Denver, Colorado

Really loved these pieces, had a strong career woman feel, it would be perfect for me! Loved the off the shoulder & assymetry. My fav was probably the 2 piece jumpsuit.

Third Designer: Brandi Lewis, designer of Syeko Design House, in Baltimore, Maryland

Bmore!!! Okay, yes I was a bit excited…. And this unique collection did not disappoint!!!


It was called the “Syeko” collection, which included menswear as well, such range!

I love love love colors that pop.



I adored the yellow jacket, painted on jean jackets, and gold shimmer. And the dress at the end… Can I just say, wow!

Stole the show!

Portion of proceeds of this Designers’ Debut went to their Refresh program providing supplies to 2 Baltimore schools, and my mother being a inner city Baltimore School teacher of 30yrs, I understand, this is critically needed.

Sharan Nixon and the designers

I was excited and honored to be a part of dream of the Baltimore Fashion Umbrella Foundation…Showing how much Baltimore has to offer on New York’s biggest fashion stage, New Yorkimg_0788 Fashion Week.

“Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined”

-Henry David Thoreau


Guaranteed Gratification! – NYFW Sept 2016

Anxiety. Anticipation. Avidity. New York Fashion Week is an exhilarating time
that I wish everyone could experience. img_0801

Nowadays, you can see the major brands shows live online, even Tommy Hilfiger rented out a pier! Snapchat has been a fantastic addition to NYFW, to actively see behind the scenes, the fittings, the shows as if you’re front row yourself.

But what about the emerging/independent designers. You know the Marc Jacobs & Valentino’s before they actually become world reknown. Over the last year of blogging as media/press and attending events as a fashion enthusiast, its been amazing to be apart of the early stages and the growth of a designer.

I had the pleasure of being media for Plitz Fashion Show, Style Fashion Week, and Designer’s Debut in NYC by the producer of Baltimore Fashion Week; whose sole admirable purpose is for showcasing the designers, models, makeup artists talents. Provided that continued enthusiasm for fashion when at times recently its been in a bit of upheaval.

Now as an out-of-towner… how do I see & enjoy 6 shows, and 32 designers in 1 and 1/2 days?

I outlined my top 3 strategies that work for me:

1st: Make a itinerary and stick to it!img_0681

  • Have your mode to and from NYC comfortable. I love Megabus, it has wifi, charging
    system, super comfortable seats… and affordable, so you can spend more money on clothes 🙂img_0684
  • Plan the location of the events; so if you are fashion show hopping, the shows are either in walking distance or a short cab/Uber/Lyft drive away. I had really great cab luck, I never had to wait longer than 2 minutes to hail one. Must have been my outfit 🙂 There are honestly so many shows, and its hard to choose. But part of attending a show is staying the entire time out of respect for the show.

My centralized hotel spot : Marroitt Marquis Time Square!!!

2nd: Appropriate attire is a must!

  • Now some chosen few are required to wear the designer’s collection, and have cars automatically picking them so walking is rare. If you are like the majority of everyone else , you get to chose your own clothes and you’re going to have to walk.img_0695
  • It was evening, so I wore a blue sleeveless, slightly shimmery knee-length Zara dress. And added blue patent leather shoes for my own Naomi personal touch.
  • The key is casual effortlessly chic; weather appropriate
  • Don’t try on the outfit right before the event assuming it will be perfect. (i.e. my pants for Style Fashion Week were an epic fail) I was too worried about my abs being perfect in the crop top and assumed the pants would fit. Never assume.

    Oops! A little too long! Who’d thought? I’m 5’10”!!!

3rd: Feed off the energy!

  • It’s a privilege to be shown artists at work. So, just sit back and enjoy it.
  • Allow yourself to meet new people. I can be kind of shy. Which can be understandable in a big city like NYC, and if you’re media/blogger its acceptable because your role is behind the scenes. But poke your head outside your turtle shell, meet, network or just allow a little small talk.

    Lovely designers of Cupani Fashion and Haute Dames

So strategy made, now utilize. 

When I arrived Friday Sept 9th, at 4pm, checked in and went to Set NYC fashion week S/S  art month at 6pm

… which along side Freedom Ladder, proceeds help end child-trafficking;

… and Harlem Fashion Week at 10pm

img_0792…whose mission is provide a platform for diversity in fashion especially for emerging designers.  So, I went to these shows as a fashionista who wants to also make a difference.

In a way, I also feel its important to stay grounded and never forget your basic love for a fashion show, relish the entertainment and beauty of the event.  And bonus if its for a great cause!

The shows I covered, as media, were on Friday Sept 9th at 8pm NY Designer Debut of Baltimore Fashion Umbrella; on Saturday Sept 10th Plitzs Fashion Showcases 1 & 2 and Style Fashion Week.  It was pretty awesome to say the least.


…I appreciate the luxury of being back stage…. meet the models, and designers up close and personal… Like I’m totally in awe of the process.

One of the hardest thing to do during NYFW is EAT! And the last night I went to Black Sushi near Times Square and enjoyed a fantastic rainbow roll with black rice (multigrain and supposedly forbidden). img_1140

When it comes to New York Fashion Week, the hype is legitimized. It’s a special time to be a part of a designer/model/make up artist/photographer or even a blogger’s one shining moment. Ahhh, can’t wait til winter shows….

“Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined”

-Henry David Thoreau



Fashion never Tasted so Good! – Taste of the Runway, DC


I had the fantastic opportunity to attend Taste of the Runway in DC at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center for the 2nd year in a row but this year not only as a fashion enthusiast but as an advocate! Taste of the Runway is an event that incorporates my two favorite things beautiful, creative, inspirational fashion and truly fantastic well-prepared (unlimited) food.



I had a brief chat at the end of the show with one of the directors, which mainly involved me giving accolades, but I learned a few things . For instance, I noticed the space was utilized differently this year. Apparently last year was more focus on the pop up shops while this year there was an added Wedding boutique

which was sort of the main attraction. The shops and food area were more condensed around the runway this year, and I feel was definitely a nice touch.

Plus, there was the addition of other activities while you wait in between designers or during one of the intermissions, like professional massage therapy!!!IMG_0163

They did a stellar job of having the food portion, appropriately entertwined with the fashion part to make it more of an accessory to the show versus a distraction.

There were celebrities there besides me (totally totally kidding) such as …

Gizelle Bryant from Real Housewives of the Potomac


Miss District of Columbia


Celebrity Chef J. Ponder from Chopped &Food Network

Celebrity Chef J. Ponder states that he loves using fresh garlic, olive oil and herbs in his dishes and by the way, makes the most amazing pulled chicken!!!

Hard at work!

The MC of the night was comedian Rodney Perry,

FullSizeRender 15
Photo credit: Tag the Shooter

who was mad funny, incredibly entertaining, and definitely made the audience feel like they were a part of the show.


The models were beyond talented, and were a beautiful array of all ages, sizes, and ethnicities.  IMG_0069


Some of the designers I have seen before, such as Victor Hou Designs (highlighted in a previous post, link at the end) and he definitely did not falter in his collection here.  However, it’s always thrilling to see new designers to the area, proving the DMV is very fashion forward and continuing to become a force to reckon with.

Speaking of the D of DMV, the bridal collection by Cherry Blossom Bridal was based out of DC…

Now epic fail on my part with my phone dying after 2 hours and my backup portable charger dying on hour 3, but there are some pictures of some of my favorite pieces sprinkled throughout my post!IMG_0162 IMG_0081

And one of the most jaw-dropping portion of the event was the avant-garde hair presentation by Princess Canty with models wearing stunning gowns by the Lamaj Company .  Like pictures can not do it justice.

FullSizeRender 17
Photo Credit: Taste of the Runway instagram

It was basically a clinic as to how models should pose.  At one point, during this presentation I perused the room and everyone stopped what they were doing, just totally entranced.

So as you know I always try to interview a designer and for this event…

Designer du Jour: Carissa of d’Kultured Kunsepts

Carissa is a designer that not only does clothing lines but also jewelry and accesories. She handsews her pieces, and absolutely loves color.IMG_0131

“Fashion is Limitless…and should be for everyone.”


FullSizeRender 13


She states although she is not an African designer, but she is inspired by african designs and fabric.

So, she is yet to sell her collection in a format such as e-commerce or in a brick and mortar store, but keep on the lookout, for this is an emerging designer worth waiting for.

I definitely appreciate that although Taste of the Runway goes to multiple cities, I feel like tries to incorporate the flavor, history and culture of the city in which it is located. There was definitely thoughtful dedication to the love of fashion, incorporating menswear, swimwear, ready to wear, children clothing and couture.   Overall it was a beautiful production, somehow they topped last year’s show; it flowed very well from designer to designer, the directors of the event definitely mastered the ability of keeping audience captivated. And one could feel the Taste of the Runway spirit and passion in the clear attention to every detail and successful attempt to continuously tickle the fancy of every guest through light fare and fashion.

***For a full list of designers, see here!***

***See  previous post mentioning Victor Hou Designs!!!***

“Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined” IMG_0055

-Henry David Thoreau