Diversity Truly Nourishes the Fashion Soul – Plitzs New York City Fashion Week Sept 2016

So, I’m just getting in from California listening to my usual fashion podcasts, getting their take on New York Fashion Week. And there was not a lot of positivity. I know people rarely love change, but the “see now, buy now” and change in venues seems to have overshadowed what makes fashion great. img_0801

Well, I’m here to say those critics must not have been at the right shows. Sometimes great things are right under your nose. For instance, Plitzs New York City Fashion Week. Now I admit I was unsure what to expect, but trust me it exceeded all of my expectations! I was fortunate to be media which means I have access to behind the scenes, the designers, and I get to view the production from a standpoint from which the average fashion enthusisast does not have the luxury. img_0802 And I appreciated and relished in the opportunity.

img_0803As soon as I arrived, and got my credentials, I bumped into some wonderful ladies in fantastical hats who seemed even more excited than I was, which was kind of hard to believe.  They were the Haute Dames Couture Ladies from New Orleans and they provide the accessories for Cupani Fashion designer who makes beautiful knitwear. img_0807

And I realized that’s what’s been missing. The excitement, and awe of being a part of something greater.

Outstanding Venue – Hotel Pennyslvania

The Plitzs team did an amazing job at providing emerging, independent designers from all over the world the perfect stage to showcase their talents.


As I sat front row for the first showcase, I was engrossed in the fashion, trying to guess the material used, feverishly writing (yes writing) notes because I did not want to miss a detail. And during the first designer, I overheard proud parents of one of the young models. Now, I was initially just loving what she was wearing and was amazed at how well she modelled at such a young age.  img_0846

But I felt it was interesting to be watching the same show as these parents with the same appreciation but from totally different perspectives. The dad said to me, “I assume your important because of your notepad.”  Important no, lucky yes…and I just explained that I support fashion through the written word. Of course, I congratulated them on their daughter’s great work.

Genuine Shared Joy for Fashion. I love it!

So, lets talk about the showcases!!! (Added some notes for you!)

Showcase #1

It was a nice, smart touch to have a presentation briefly while we waited for the first designer.

Blu Moon designsimg_0828


  • Beautiful kids designs
  • Fun sundresses

M Designs

  • This designer is an artist first-hand.
  • Great hand-painted prints!!!

    Fantastic lace sleeves

Xstravagance designs

  • Fearless use of patterns!
  • Fav was the white dress, such a great slit and the gold accessory…Wow!

Just like that fashion  

  • From Montana! Bohemian theme, true hippie chic, fun & flirty!

  • Loved floral ruffle pant suit with matching bag; And the occasional surprise addition to the clothing, like a bow!

    Such Range!

11 Degrees South

  • Models were just having too much fun!!! Clear how wonderful this collection made them feel  🙂img_0882
  • Great patterned cover ups, inspired by the Indonesian fabric of Batik

Tough Cookie

  • Representing the V of the DMV (aka Virginia)!!!
  • Well rounded line: from high fashion wedding dress and evening gowns (with a lot of glam!), to bold menswear and versatile day to night dresses

Kalene Designs 

  • Great use of Patterns with bathing suits, tops & pants; clear inspiration of both art and design
  • The designer’s inspiration was original African textiles with very deep meaning.


*** Immediate Press Conference was a wonderful idea, I have not seen that elsewhere. Usually its difficult to catch up with the designers before or after the show. But this is perfect for press, buyers, and photographers! ***


Showcase #2

Caronah Cassell Designs





So beautiful!



  • The song during the show “I’m coming out” was the exact tune you should have in your head when you are rocking these dresses!
  • If there is a sequin shortage in Rhode Island, don’t worry this designer worked wonders with them!!!
  • During this show, there were guests behind me who kept exclaiming, “Oh my God!” when every piece of this collection walked out. That’s the greatest sign how your clothes really moved the audience!


  • Making sweater weather fun; loved the floral knits

  • Perfect Junior prom dresses
  • Loved the makeup too, the glitter!


  • Respectfully represented Native American culture; truly connecting the world through fashion
  • Loved the slip dresses and great use of thick belts
  • Although very different dynamic colors, it flowed well!

Cupani Fashion 

  • This was the collection of the ladies I met before the show.  Initially, I only planned to stay for the first showcase, but I had to stay and see their designs!
  • Such use of colors! The clothes had great movement…
  • Such a beautiful concept hand-crocheted clothes with handmade one-of-a-kind hats!!!

MP Fashion 

  • Truly a fierce feminine collection!

    Favorite of this collection!


    Ruffles never looked so good!


  • Oh the creativity with the sleeves!!!
  • Loved the floral details on the yellow suit
  • Knitwear with sequins, Yes!

King Nelson X

  • These Parisian designers were clearly inspired by some of the most notable and powerful leaders of all time: Martin Luther King Jr, Malcolm X, and of course Nelson Mandela!!
  • Awesome Streetwear with great T’s
  • Loved and totally want T shirt dresses, they had a lose fit but yet still flirty and feminine


2nd Press Conference – Proud Designers


Bravo!!! It was a well-rounded showcase & production! In case you missed anything there was so many opportunities to find out more! Plitzs New York City Fashion Week never lost sight of what’s important, diversity, which is pivotal to fashion success!!  I truly felt this show was such a thoughtful way to provide an entry into the New York Fashion Week scene in an authentic, organic and genuine way. Absolutely can not wait until next year!



“Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined”

-Henry David Thoreau













Note: *The title is an adaptation of a respected quote from Cesar Chavez*

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