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Creative Tech Week Part 2


Foo Skou

Foo Skou

Foo Skou

The What and Who

Danish-born Louise Foo and Martha Skou are both musicians and visual artists who share a fascination with the study of sound vibrations. Using digital technology and analog techniques, they are currently exploring the potential of visual interfaces as a means for the audience to interact intuitively with sound. Their work Format No.1 consists of a black and white mural that creates a visual score, which visitors play using a custom iPhone app http://www.telfair.org/format/ .

During Creative Tech week in Brooklyn, Naomi and I, stumbled upon what looked like some sort of unique wall art. We took a couple of pictures near it and almost passed it by.

As I got closer to the wall, I realized that the circles and shapes are actually hanging from the wall and have instructions posted next to them. So as I walked up, Louise Foo, asked me do I want to hear the sounds? I am at Tech week so of course I wanted to see, touch, and hear all that was available.  I was handed an iphone and headphones and told to run the phone with over the various pieces and listen to the sounds it made. As I started doing this the sounds began to come alive with different types and ranges depending on the size and shape of the piece hanging from the wall. This was amazing seeing how this all came together in a sort of symphony of random sounds. It just shows how many various uses there are when digital technology and music have come together.


What is the Purpose?

Both Foo and Skou are not only trained visual artists but also self-taught musicians. Part of the motivation for their explorations comes from a wish to approach music making from a visual perspective, in order to make experiences with sound intuitive, even to non-musicians http://fooskou.tumblr.com/ . This truly is a different take on music and how we experence it by giving the user the ability to make sounds and hear sounds in a more personal way than strictly just listening to it being played for you. This was summed up well by including and making the experience more intuitive even for non-musicians because the non-musician usually gets no ability to hear music on their own terms. The ability to allow a user to take the control of their environment and use it as a potential muscial tool has endless possibilites in the life of people worldwide. Cheers to doing something different, creative, amazing and cutting edge!




Creative Tech Week Part 1

Good day people of the blog and social media world, this is Brent with a special tech post from a recent New York trip to go see Creative Tech Week. Now first of all what is Creative Tech week and what is its purpose?


Now that we have that information let me tell you that to a guy like me I was in heaven. All the technology, influence, and knowledge in one place was a mind blowing experience. I not only the ability to discuss new products and ideas with artists and designers but the chance to try on some of the best and newest VR tech. During my visit there was some applications of VR that really stood out to me Bella Gaia, Splash Pool, and Foo/skou.

Part 1 of 3: BELLA GAIA

What is Bella Gaia?


As defined by othersBELLA GAIA is an unprecedented audiovisual experience that combines NASA satellite imagery of Earth, time lapse nature photography, and cultural heritage footage with stirring live performances of music and dance from around the world (www.bellagaia.com/about).

As defined by me– Bella GAIA is beautiful sight, sound and places in one culturally inclusive performance. I haven’t been moved like this in many years Continue reading Creative Tech Week Part 1

Just A Little Update

Good Day people, as some of our followers who have read our blog know I drive a 2011 Chevy Tahoe and have had some radio issues in the past. The original radio eventually died about 6 months ago and forced me to invest in a new system, the Pioneer App radio 4 or the SPH-DA 120.  This system has been great but had a couple of bugs that would occasionally happen Continue reading Just A Little Update

Hardcore Henry + D BOX =EPIC!

This weeks tech post comes via a late Thursday night/early Friday morning date night with the wife. I had been scoping out a new movie named Hardcore Henry that was released yesterday. I had high hopes for this film for a variety of reasons:

1. I love action movies

2. I love new and groundbreaking films

3. I love a new experience and truly got that with d-box seats!

First of without any type of spoilers
this movie is about a badly injured man who is reconstructed into a half robot/half man and spends the majority of the movie trying to find his kidnapped wife. The plot is pretty vague but leaves  a lot of room for the action and twists and turns to happen throughout. I love the use of cinematography (the art of making motion pictures) and amazing true first person film work. This film really is a testament to creativity and ingenuity in that it is the first film that made me feel like I was truly part of the production.


Second part is how groundbreaking this type of film is with regards to the first person camera view. This could have been captured in a variety of ways but Continue reading Hardcore Henry + D BOX =EPIC!

Reality is What You Make It!

Hey its Brent with another Tech Tuesday post! I want to switch up my tech Tuesday post with a new series of posts once a month that will focus on products or technologies that are poised to explode this year. These include wearable tech, 3D printing, VR tech, and others. So check back throughout the year and take a tech ride with me (I know its corny but I couldn’t help myself). Continue reading Reality is What You Make It!

The Power of a Band

Apple Watch has truly become a must wear device and part of my daily wardrobe. I know if any apple marketing people read me and my wife’s blog by chance than job well on both counts! Sure there are the flaws that most 1st generation products have such as being slow, battery issues, and a few glitches but overall its a great pacakge. One of the most amazing parts of the watch compared to most other watches on the market is its ability to change the watch face to various backgrounds. This feature is nice because witht the unlimited amount of choices available to you its almost like the watch can go with any outfit and almost provides a brand new experince every single time it is worn. Through the first 6 months or so this provides me with a great joy to see how I could match it up with that days outfit but as of recent that wasnt giving me all the personalization that I craved. My standard watch and band that comes with the apple watch sport was a black band made of a very comfortable rubberized material (pictured below).


I stubbled across some new bands on ebay and amazon and realized this would help give me the extra bit of personaliztion that I was missing from my apple watch now. So as I looked online at different color bands from white, green, purple, etc to different materials from metals, plastics, even a denim type I stumbled upon this!!!

Screen Shot 2016-01-27 at 7.07.46 PM.png

As soon as I saw this band I was in love and though dark like my previous band this gave me a different look, so with that I hit the BUY IT NOW button. After about a week my band arrived at my house and I do my normal comparing to previous band.


So after all the much waited time and anticipation over the last week I put the new band on and it feels and fits great!

((side note apple makes it very easy to change bands in apple watch))

There is a little push down slot above and below the heart rate sensor on the back of the apple watch. This allows the band to be slid out when the push down is pressed and new bands can be slid right on and locked into place with ease.

So after having my watch since April and loving it, this new band has given this product new life, new looks, and a new yet very comfortable feel. I now may have a watch band addiction due to the good quality and cheap prices, all in all this purchase was a 5/5!

The Journey Back To Sound

Its been a little while wordpress family but Brent is back with some tech news and reviews. For those that do not know I drive a 2011 Chevy Tahoe in which the radio died about six months ago. I managed to get through the next few months of quietness but really missed having my music and ability to make handsfree phone calls during my drives.As you know I did a piece on apple carplay about two months ago and thought since my system must be replaced why not try one of these new infotainment media systems.


Infotainment system by definition;  in-car entertainment (ICE), or in-vehicle infotainment (IVI), is a collection of hardware devices installed into automobiles, or other forms of road transportation, to provide audio or video entertainment, as well as automotive navigation systems.

So now that we have that background information, its was time for me to find a new system. After much debate it came down to two different units from Bestbuy. The first from pioneer was the sph da-120


which key features include apple carplay, bluetooth streaming of music and phone calls, has a 6.2 inch color captive touch screen and the ability to download various pioneer apps for use with system. The second system is the ilx-007 by alpine v141003-ilx-007carplaymenu

this system features a 7 inch captive touch screen, apple carplay, and mp3 player through usb port. I’ll spare all the time I spent researching these two systems for the sake of keeping this post interesting and let you know I chose the sph da 120 for 2 reasons

  1. Cost was 100 dollars cheaper
  2. Had bluetooth for anybody that might be in my car without an iPhone


Here are some install pictures of the work done at the Timonium Bestbuy


stay tuned in for updates!