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A Little Taste Of Heaven!!!

So during a recent trip to Richmond, Virginia for a kids Volleyball Tournament I looked for a dad and mom activity we could do with the kids. As I looked through Trip Adivsor top things to do in Richmond I came across a resturant called Shyndigz that not only specializes in desserts but only serves the meal ending treats.


We didn’t know what to expect when we got there but being foodies we were interested in trying something new. When you walk in you get a sense of home and comfort that truly only comes from southern restaurants. It looks fun, colorful and everybody is laughing or talking to someone which in an age of smart phones and social media is a welcomed change to the status quo.

We are seated at a booth and are quickly given our menus to see all the delicious sounding choices. We order two servings of the pecan streusel bread pudding, one slice of key lime pie, and one order of the oatmeal cream pies.

As we wait to for the food to come out I got a quick chance to look around the restaurant and check out more of the decor and see some of the awards the restaurant had won over the years. 

So finally its dessert time and we couldn’t  have been more excited! Words don’t do food reviews any justice but smiles and empty plates do. I have never been so happy with dessert before and that means a lot cause I’m a big guy and consider myself a dessert connoisseur.

All in all I give Shyndigz a 5 of out 5 for just being unique, fun, and overall just a little slice of heaven!

If you are in the Richmond, VA area and want to try something new check them out.




Couldn’t Be More Excited!!!!

Me and Brent are happy to announce to our followers and anybody who possibly cares that we are expected a baby girl this August! This is child number four and we could be any more excited. Any of our followers have kids???

The Tap Makes Me Want To Dance

Late night/early morning blog posts may just be the best way to describe Brentandnaomi.com. This post was meant to be a Tech Tuesday but due to a scheduling conflict this will be going out after midnight making it actually Wednesday. So Santa blessed me and my family with a few new tech products for the holiday season and one of those is the Amazon Tap. This gift was looked at in wonder and amazement when it finally got unwrapped and then almost immediately with profound confusion when the family realized they had no idea how it worked.

But What Does It Do?

First off the Amazon Tap is summed up best as a smart bluetooth speaker, that can do basic tasks such as streaming music from a site or from another device via bluetooth and advanced tasks such work with home automation devices. The Amazon Tap is a smaller device with the height being about the same as an Iphone 7 plus

Same Height As An Iphone 7 Plus

and no bigger in total dimensions than a standard drink cup. This makes the device sleek and easier to travel around with.

Second, the Tap is a lot of things and that makes it useful to a large amount of people and thus an amazing tech invention and a device that receieved many different votes for top tech gift of 2016. When I say a lot of things that is exactly what is meant we have a bluetooth speak, 3.5 mm jack compatible, built in rechargable battery with an included charging craddle,

Charging Cradle


9 hour battery life, Alexa smart assistant, wifi compatible, and capable of learning new activies through the Alexa app for IOS and Android.


Now the first few features  that were mentioned were nothing new but truly had not been combined together with a smart assistant such as Alexa. With this particular Amazon Alexa product the tap requires the user to physically tap the microphone button on the device to get Alexa activated and ready for use.

The Amazon Tap must physcially be tapped to awaken Alexa

Once the button is pressed Alexa is ready for a command such as “Alexa play Childish Gambino”, “Alexa play my cooking playlist”, “Alexa play ‘hit jams’ on Pandora, “Alexa whats the weather like?”, “Alexa whats my news briefing”, and many other request or commands. The Alexa even allows users to add more personalized request and commands that take this device to the next level such as “Alexa ask Uber to request a ride” “Alexa ask Dominio’s for my last order”, “Alexa order more paper towels”. These request would reqire additional accounts to continue these more complex operations but really make for a great experience once fully set up.

I had a hard decision to make when we got the device because the Amazon Echo and Amazon Dot were also available and have similar feature sets. The Echo is the biggest Alexa device and features an always on set up that allows you to just say Alexa and the device becomes active and waits on your command. The main reason that we did not go with this device is because it had to always be plugged in and for a family of 5 that idea just did not seem to make sense.

Amazon Echo

The Amazon Dot  is the smallest Amazon Alexa device that also feautures always on technology but speaker did not sound good enough to fill a house and wasnt a truly portable device either.

Amazon Dot

Now truthfully I have not set most of the Tap’s features up but will definitely follow up with a 90 day review with more in depth features of the device. The overall device works great so far and with this nice night stand I got for the bedroom makes for a nice additon for the bedroom.Let me know your thoughts!


Amazon Tap can be purchased on amazon.com here and the nightstand can be purchased on amazon.com here

4DX is Amazing!

Movies are a staple of date nights for Brent and Naomi, we each have a love for action, comedy, thrillers and a little horror. So while in LA we had no choice other than to see a 4DX movie at Regal theatres LA Live. Some information that may be important

Who is 4DX?

Korean company CJ 4DPLEX introduced 4D technology in 2009.

What is 4DX? (Straight from cj4dx.com)

Advancing the movie theater experience from watching the movie to almost living it, 4DX is the ultimate in state of the art technology delivering a fully immersive cinematic experience. Inside every dedicated 4DX auditorium, motion chairs and environmental effects such as wind, bubbles, and scent work in perfect synchronicity with the action on screen.

With only the best technologies, 4DX motion chairs are equipped with three base movements of heave (move up and down), roll (move left and right) and pitch (tilt backward and forward) which can create an endless expanse of possible combinations to mimic such actions as flying and driving. The skilled team of 4DX editors, “i-Studio”, are experts in maximizing the feeling of immersion within every movie without overstepping comfort bounds.

Movies are now no longer bound by their visual and aural limits. 4DX is the next step in the movie-going evolution taking audiences on a journey into the full feature film. Free yourself from the confines of the flat screen and live the experience with 4DX.

What is it like?

We saw two movies in 4DX while in LA. I do not like to give any spoiler or spoiler free reviews but just like to give my opinion on the tech and special effects used.

4d effects used were motion controlled seats, scent (grass and nature smells), wind, rain, lightning and all were synced very well to the on screen action and didn’t seem gimmicky. The 4dx experience for Blair Witch was so good that it turned this movie into something I wont soon forget.

4d effects used motion controlled seats, vibration of seats, and smoke. There was not as many effects in the movie compared to Blair Witch but yet still made for a good overall experience that enhancing an already fun movie!

Brent and Naomi had a great time and can’t wait to experience our next 4DX movie at one of the New York locations soon.



Apple, Some Rose Gold, And A Smile

So in a failed effort last week I could not obtain an iPhone 7+ from the AT&T because well none came. I was with a convoy of people who camped overnight and had the wonderful good morning gift of not only some colors being unavailable but the 7+ model not being in stock at all. So I left disappointed but not defeated knowing that during my California trip coming up the following week I might have a chance to find the phone I was looking for. Well that following week is here and I have found the iPhone that I wanted while staying in Glendale, CA.

we still had to wait almost 2 hours just to check out

Behold the beauty


Thanks California for coming through for us east coast folks!