A Little Taste Of Heaven!!!

So during a recent trip to Richmond, Virginia for a kids Volleyball Tournament I looked for a dad and mom activity we could do with the kids. As I looked through Trip Adivsor top things to do in Richmond I came across a resturant called Shyndigz that not only specializes in desserts but only serves the meal ending treats.


We didn’t know what to expect when we got there but being foodies we were interested in trying something new. When you walk in you get a sense of home and comfort that truly only comes from southern restaurants. It looks fun, colorful and everybody is laughing or talking to someone which in an age of smart phones and social media is a welcomed change to the status quo.

We are seated at a booth and are quickly given our menus to see all the delicious sounding choices. We order two servings of the pecan streusel bread pudding, one slice of key lime pie, and one order of the oatmeal cream pies.

As we wait to for the food to come out I got a quick chance to look around the restaurant and check out more of the decor and see some of the awards the restaurant had won over the years. 

So finally its dessert time and we couldn’t  have been more excited! Words don’t do food reviews any justice but smiles and empty plates do. I have never been so happy with dessert before and that means a lot cause I’m a big guy and consider myself a dessert connoisseur.

All in all I give Shyndigz a 5 of out 5 for just being unique, fun, and overall just a little slice of heaven!

If you are in the Richmond, VA area and want to try something new check them out.



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