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Baltimore’s Takeover of NYFW – Sept 2016

Ever since I found out Baltimore Fashion Umbrella was going to have a Designer’s Debut in New York City, I knew I had to be there.  I’ve attended Baltimore Fashion Week for the last few years so I knew Fashion Umbrella Foundation had so much to offer New York. IMG_0565

I was curious to see if once in Manhattan, debuting designers from across United States, would it hold on to its Baltimore City roots?  Well, Sharan Nixon did an amazing job at expanding and yet maintaining her message. Her production staff, make up artists from New York Institute of Beauty, models, and designers definitely did a great job promoting her vision.  The venue, Holiday Inn in midtown was perfect,img_0703… and overall environment was pleasant, and eager;

Guests patiently waiting…

I especially enjoyed sitting front row next to her beautiful and supportive mother. img_0706img_0705


Fantastic MC – Coley Cole da Model

First Designer: Parisa Kay of Indianapolis, Indiana


I loved the fusion of denim with lace, with the added accessories on the models’ feet.

Such Detail!

In fact, one of the coolest parts of her show was when the model took the leg lace piece off, turning pants to shorts! Such versatility!!!

Beautiful dresses!!!

Second Designer:  Margaret Sanzo of Denver, Colorado

Really loved these pieces, had a strong career woman feel, it would be perfect for me! Loved the off the shoulder & assymetry. My fav was probably the 2 piece jumpsuit.

Third Designer: Brandi Lewis, designer of Syeko Design House, in Baltimore, Maryland

Bmore!!! Okay, yes I was a bit excited…. And this unique collection did not disappoint!!!


It was called the “Syeko” collection, which included menswear as well, such range!

I love love love colors that pop.



I adored the yellow jacket, painted on jean jackets, and gold shimmer. And the dress at the end… Can I just say, wow!

Stole the show!

Portion of proceeds of this Designers’ Debut went to their Refresh program providing supplies to 2 Baltimore schools, and my mother being a inner city Baltimore School teacher of 30yrs, I understand, this is critically needed.

Sharan Nixon and the designers

I was excited and honored to be a part of dream of the Baltimore Fashion Umbrella Foundation…Showing how much Baltimore has to offer on New York’s biggest fashion stage, New Yorkimg_0788 Fashion Week.

“Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined”

-Henry David Thoreau



The Perfect Side of Fashion – Baltimore Fashion Week Aug 2016

Do you see the light? Cause I do, the light of most fashionistas lives… New York Fashion Week!!! I like to personalize it, NNYFW (Naomi’s NYFW).  Every season I go to New York check out basically every show I can get into. Like every one. One of my most anticipated ones this year is Baltimore Fashion Week’s entrance into the NYFW scene.  It should be a welcomed presence because the people of Baltimore Fashion Umbrella and Baltimore Fashion Week (BFW) have so much to offer!

I may be a bit biased being from Baltimore City, but attending a show almost FullSizeRender (50)every BFW in the last 4 years, I know it will be great. This past one on August 14, 2016
was at Baltimore War Memorial, and we made it a family affair.  Every season I bring my daughter, because its important to show and support the positivism of all things Baltimore. However, this year attending as press meant Brent (my husband) would be also be attending to as my photographer/eye candy.IMG_0454Since my daughter’s friend was modelling in the show, I made sure to get her a front row seat, she’s always my VIP so she deserves nothing less.IMG_5369

I also knew another model of a good nurse friend of mine’s who made his modelling debut last year at Baltimore Fashion Week.  DSC_0369We went to the show’s finale, which was dare I say pretty epic. Although its a large event, I love the interaction between the director Sharon and the guests, with raffles of various local stores. The host Komplex and hostess were quite entertaining.IMG_0403.JPG

The collections were beautiful.

They included upscale evening dress attire,menswear, swimwear, and more!

Even the brief power outage due to severe weather could not rain on this parade.

If you are in New York City, addicted to fashion, and love supporting emerging/independent designers be sure to attend the Baltimore Fashion Week show in NYC on this Friday evening, September 9th!!! I know I’ll be there!

“Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined”IMG_0459

-Henry David Thoreau



Reality is What You Make It!

Hey its Brent with another Tech Tuesday post! I want to switch up my tech Tuesday post with a new series of posts once a month that will focus on products or technologies that are poised to explode this year. These include wearable tech, 3D printing, VR tech, and others. So check back throughout the year and take a tech ride with me (I know its corny but I couldn’t help myself). Continue reading Reality is What You Make It!

The Great Fash-scape!

Definition of a Fash-scape: When a Mother of 3, escapes her beautiful yet crazy chaotic world for about 3 hrs to indulge in the fanciful world of fashion.  So the shows below include my top 3 fash-scapes of last fall.  Although the shows were quite different, they were equally imaginative, and innovational.

DC Fashion Week – September 2015:

Continue reading The Great Fash-scape!

The Power of a Band

Apple Watch has truly become a must wear device and part of my daily wardrobe. I know if any apple marketing people read me and my wife’s blog by chance than job well on both counts! Sure there are the flaws that most 1st generation products have such as being slow, battery issues, and a few glitches but overall its a great pacakge. One of the most amazing parts of the watch compared to most other watches on the market is its ability to change the watch face to various backgrounds. This feature is nice because witht the unlimited amount of choices available to you its almost like the watch can go with any outfit and almost provides a brand new experince every single time it is worn. Through the first 6 months or so this provides me with a great joy to see how I could match it up with that days outfit but as of recent that wasnt giving me all the personalization that I craved. My standard watch and band that comes with the apple watch sport was a black band made of a very comfortable rubberized material (pictured below).


I stubbled across some new bands on ebay and amazon and realized this would help give me the extra bit of personaliztion that I was missing from my apple watch now. So as I looked online at different color bands from white, green, purple, etc to different materials from metals, plastics, even a denim type I stumbled upon this!!!

Screen Shot 2016-01-27 at 7.07.46 PM.png

As soon as I saw this band I was in love and though dark like my previous band this gave me a different look, so with that I hit the BUY IT NOW button. After about a week my band arrived at my house and I do my normal comparing to previous band.


So after all the much waited time and anticipation over the last week I put the new band on and it feels and fits great!

((side note apple makes it very easy to change bands in apple watch))

There is a little push down slot above and below the heart rate sensor on the back of the apple watch. This allows the band to be slid out when the push down is pressed and new bands can be slid right on and locked into place with ease.

So after having my watch since April and loving it, this new band has given this product new life, new looks, and a new yet very comfortable feel. I now may have a watch band addiction due to the good quality and cheap prices, all in all this purchase was a 5/5!

My ‘Knight’ in New York

So have you ever wondered how to convince your husband to drive 4 hours to New York for a Italian Fashion Magazine Launch
Party?  Now since I share this blog with my husband, Brent, I can’t reveal too many secrets but I’ll share some.

1st: It has to be free.

2nd: Mention briefly the event two months ahead of time, gauge his interest. Make sure you have asked nothing of him out of the ordinary during those two months.

3rd: The weekend of the event, it’s crucial that he has 2 days off work in row and his favorite professional sports team is not playing that night. This is critical.

4th: It should be a new experience that both of you will share. You know, be awkward together.

5th: Relish in the moment. Even though he wishes he was on the couch watching NBA highlights on ESPN, it’ll be all worth it when he looks at the genuine enjoyment on your face. Who knows, he may be willing to do it again…

Our date night of the month of December ended up being a date weekend.  We drove up Friday from Baltimore, IMG_5790going to straight to Uomo Moderno Launch Party and Fashion Show  at the Hudson Terrace Rooftop. IMG_5810We had to park pretty far away, but you know
how Manhattan is. It was a brisk walk to the event, but I figured it was a good sign that hubs was willing to participate in my snapchatting along the way.

Now, I will admit we are not party animals. Sooo, we were slightly out of our element, but it made it more fun. IMG_5803 (1) I feel its easier and safer to try new things when we’re together.


Although the editor, Francesco, was going through a tough personal loss of his partner, he, as usual, threw an amazing event. One of my favorite elements of any fashion show is the anticipation. The designer has worked all year or longer for this 5 minute moment.  There were designs from WYWoL and DueDiLatte (clothes made from 100%milk!!!), and I love love love a creative runway!!! It was literally 2 feet away from us! We thought we were laying low behind the scenes, but no, we were so close we might as well have been in the show.

FullSizeRender (6)

After the show, I enjoyed dancing to Beyonce – Run the World by myself on the dance floor, while hubs went to get the car so I wouldn’t have to walk in the cold again!! It’s the little things, you know?  Sometimes you have to get away, break the monotony of your crazy everyday life to give your ‘Knight in shining armor’ a chance to shine!



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