The Power of a Band

Apple Watch has truly become a must wear device and part of my daily wardrobe. I know if any apple marketing people read me and my wife’s blog by chance than job well on both counts! Sure there are the flaws that most 1st generation products have such as being slow, battery issues, and a few glitches but overall its a great pacakge. One of the most amazing parts of the watch compared to most other watches on the market is its ability to change the watch face to various backgrounds. This feature is nice because witht the unlimited amount of choices available to you its almost like the watch can go with any outfit and almost provides a brand new experince every single time it is worn. Through the first 6 months or so this provides me with a great joy to see how I could match it up with that days outfit but as of recent that wasnt giving me all the personalization that I craved. My standard watch and band that comes with the apple watch sport was a black band made of a very comfortable rubberized material (pictured below).


I stubbled across some new bands on ebay and amazon and realized this would help give me the extra bit of personaliztion that I was missing from my apple watch now. So as I looked online at different color bands from white, green, purple, etc to different materials from metals, plastics, even a denim type I stumbled upon this!!!

Screen Shot 2016-01-27 at 7.07.46 PM.png

As soon as I saw this band I was in love and though dark like my previous band this gave me a different look, so with that I hit the BUY IT NOW button. After about a week my band arrived at my house and I do my normal comparing to previous band.


So after all the much waited time and anticipation over the last week I put the new band on and it feels and fits great!

((side note apple makes it very easy to change bands in apple watch))

There is a little push down slot above and below the heart rate sensor on the back of the apple watch. This allows the band to be slid out when the push down is pressed and new bands can be slid right on and locked into place with ease.

So after having my watch since April and loving it, this new band has given this product new life, new looks, and a new yet very comfortable feel. I now may have a watch band addiction due to the good quality and cheap prices, all in all this purchase was a 5/5!

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