Guaranteed Gratification! – NYFW Sept 2016

Anxiety. Anticipation. Avidity. New York Fashion Week is an exhilarating time
that I wish everyone could experience. img_0801

Nowadays, you can see the major brands shows live online, even Tommy Hilfiger rented out a pier! Snapchat has been a fantastic addition to NYFW, to actively see behind the scenes, the fittings, the shows as if you’re front row yourself.

But what about the emerging/independent designers. You know the Marc Jacobs & Valentino’s before they actually become world reknown. Over the last year of blogging as media/press and attending events as a fashion enthusiast, its been amazing to be apart of the early stages and the growth of a designer.

I had the pleasure of being media for Plitz Fashion Show, Style Fashion Week, and Designer’s Debut in NYC by the producer of Baltimore Fashion Week; whose sole admirable purpose is for showcasing the designers, models, makeup artists talents. Provided that continued enthusiasm for fashion when at times recently its been in a bit of upheaval.

Now as an out-of-towner… how do I see & enjoy 6 shows, and 32 designers in 1 and 1/2 days?

I outlined my top 3 strategies that work for me:

1st: Make a itinerary and stick to it!img_0681

  • Have your mode to and from NYC comfortable. I love Megabus, it has wifi, charging
    system, super comfortable seats… and affordable, so you can spend more money on clothes 🙂img_0684
  • Plan the location of the events; so if you are fashion show hopping, the shows are either in walking distance or a short cab/Uber/Lyft drive away. I had really great cab luck, I never had to wait longer than 2 minutes to hail one. Must have been my outfit 🙂 There are honestly so many shows, and its hard to choose. But part of attending a show is staying the entire time out of respect for the show.

My centralized hotel spot : Marroitt Marquis Time Square!!!

2nd: Appropriate attire is a must!

  • Now some chosen few are required to wear the designer’s collection, and have cars automatically picking them so walking is rare. If you are like the majority of everyone else , you get to chose your own clothes and you’re going to have to walk.img_0695
  • It was evening, so I wore a blue sleeveless, slightly shimmery knee-length Zara dress. And added blue patent leather shoes for my own Naomi personal touch.
  • The key is casual effortlessly chic; weather appropriate
  • Don’t try on the outfit right before the event assuming it will be perfect. (i.e. my pants for Style Fashion Week were an epic fail) I was too worried about my abs being perfect in the crop top and assumed the pants would fit. Never assume.

    Oops! A little too long! Who’d thought? I’m 5’10”!!!

3rd: Feed off the energy!

  • It’s a privilege to be shown artists at work. So, just sit back and enjoy it.
  • Allow yourself to meet new people. I can be kind of shy. Which can be understandable in a big city like NYC, and if you’re media/blogger its acceptable because your role is behind the scenes. But poke your head outside your turtle shell, meet, network or just allow a little small talk.

    Lovely designers of Cupani Fashion and Haute Dames

So strategy made, now utilize. 

When I arrived Friday Sept 9th, at 4pm, checked in and went to Set NYC fashion week S/S  art month at 6pm

… which along side Freedom Ladder, proceeds help end child-trafficking;

… and Harlem Fashion Week at 10pm

img_0792…whose mission is provide a platform for diversity in fashion especially for emerging designers.  So, I went to these shows as a fashionista who wants to also make a difference.

In a way, I also feel its important to stay grounded and never forget your basic love for a fashion show, relish the entertainment and beauty of the event.  And bonus if its for a great cause!

The shows I covered, as media, were on Friday Sept 9th at 8pm NY Designer Debut of Baltimore Fashion Umbrella; on Saturday Sept 10th Plitzs Fashion Showcases 1 & 2 and Style Fashion Week.  It was pretty awesome to say the least.


…I appreciate the luxury of being back stage…. meet the models, and designers up close and personal… Like I’m totally in awe of the process.

One of the hardest thing to do during NYFW is EAT! And the last night I went to Black Sushi near Times Square and enjoyed a fantastic rainbow roll with black rice (multigrain and supposedly forbidden). img_1140

When it comes to New York Fashion Week, the hype is legitimized. It’s a special time to be a part of a designer/model/make up artist/photographer or even a blogger’s one shining moment. Ahhh, can’t wait til winter shows….

“Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined”

-Henry David Thoreau



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