Well ladies and gentlemen today is September 11th 2016 and is the 15th anniversary of the terrorists attacks on the United States. The lives lost and all those affected are in my prayers and thoughts  always but especially today! Let us never forget.


So the saying is an apple a day keeps the doctor away and since that saying clearly describes the relationship between Apple products and good health ill take that advice and hopefully live a long and healthy life!


This week on friday the 16th at 8am the iphone 7, 7 plus, and Apple watch series 2 go on sale. Each of the new products has top 3 things to know about them and will have full reviews once I can pick mine up on friday morning.

iphone 7 4.7 inch screen  iphone 7 plus 5.5 inch screen

1. water resistannt

2. 256gb model available

3. 7 plus model has 2 cameras on back a wide-angle and telephoto camera lense and a upgraded front facing camera.


Apple watch series 2

1. built in gps

2. powerful new dual core processor

3. more durable with greater water resistance (50M)


Apple air pods

1. w1 chip for improved wireless and battery life

2. store and charge pods case

3. auto connection to any of your Apple devices straight out of the box


Like I said this week will be big for apple fanatics, tech enthusicas, and lovers of innovation. I cannot wait to get my hands on these products and really see the difference!

Until Friday Brent is Signing off


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