The Beginning… 38th & 4!!!

We took this picture right after we found out about 38 & 4th… No its not a street in Manhattan… It’s a new sorta unexpected addition to our little family of 5! As you can see hubs and I express excitement a little differently.

So each child was at a different time, the 17 year old, afer I graduated early from the great Johns Hopkins University. The 8 yr old during post-graduate training. The 4 yr old during the height of my career working 100 hrs a week.  Now I was definitely in a spot where I felt like I was sorta understanding this organized chaos that is my life.IMG_0499.JPG

I mean there’s no cruise control when your a nanny-less type A career woman, wife, mother of 3, who does a little fashion writing for fun.  Anywho, I wanted to share this new journey with you guys, because there isnt a lot out there about being a working mom with 3 kids in such different stages of their little lives.  With one, I’m knee-deep in SATs and college volleyball recruiting; while the youngest has the stress of which toy to bring for Friday Show-n-Tell.


Anywho, every week or so I’m going to share the latest…

Week 12

Per usual, so far I do not have morning sickness, but the fatigue, man, is tremendous! And the moods… I just feel bad for my hubs, Brent.  I think the fatigue is becoming slightly manageable, and I have less of a need for car naps, during work. The anxiety is real for us, we took the Natera test, and we have another week before we get the results about any chromosomal abnormalities. Can’t worry too much though, this one is in God’s hands.

Eating Better

Tried Zoe’s Kitchen for the first time. Ordered the Rosemary Ham & Mozzarella Piadina, extra mozz hold the aioli. (It’s an italian flatbread sandwich, with grilled ham, mozzarella, mixed greens and lemon vinaigrette.)fullsizerender-27 Don’t worry, I know lunchmeat is bad, but as long as its heated to a certain temperature, which I requested, it’s all good. And I didnt eat the pasta salad, because gotta stay away from unpasteurized soft cheese, like feta 😦

Trying New Things

To deal with stress and learn how to relax, my daughter and I did Yoga at the Y for the first time ever a few days ago…


Anywho, that’s all for now.  If there’s any other soon-to-be moms that wanna chat about hopes, fears, or everything in between. Reach out!

**** Oh and don’t worry,  I still have a crazy busy New York Fashion Week planned in February. So far I plan on being media for Style Fashion Week, but definitely attending Harlem Fashion Week, and 3 others (to be determined). If everything continues to go well, I’m gonna have to shop for chic outfits with room for a bump! ****






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