Gray like Indiana’s sky – #StyleMuseMonday

Sooo my daughter’s volleyball journey took us to Indianapolis.  And it was time for my pregnancy chic debut, lol… Sike, more pregnancy bump acceptance, since for 4 full days I would not be in scrubs.

So, despite the fact we were there to cheer, encourage my daughter and of course assist with the college recruiting process (there were a lot of big name colleges there and some were actually watching her!)… I had to represent for those preggo fashionistas:

So I checked ahead and it was supposed to approximately 60 degrees but raining. And on a gloomy day, its okay to blend in with a little gray of your own 🙂

So I hopped on a London maternity and children’s boutique called JoJo Maman Bébé -with roots in French nautical style, I heard of from instagram! As I read more about this brand, it is right down my alley, “supremely comfortable,” “fashionable and well made, but still affordable.” (direct quotes from their website)

First, I wanted a nice cardigan like sweater, that was of great sturdy quality, heavy but free-flowing for those occasional pregnancy hot flashes.


1st my outerwear … a Knitted Charcoal Maternity Kimono

2nd a maxi dress, with a little slit to show some of my nonexistent calf muscles, lol… this one is from Old Navy

…And if you want black I’d choose this Dorothy Perkins Black Jersey Maxi Dress !

3rd my rendition of the white sneaker trend, these ultra comfortable,  Puma’s Round Toe Lace-Up Sneakers

Near Indiana Convention Center

I hope you enjoyed this look! Check out next week, for my pregnancy outfit journey… And any advice for tall pregnant folk like me, I’d appreciate!


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