Gray like Indiana’s sky – #StyleMuseMonday

Sooo my daughter's volleyball journey took us to Indianapolis.  And it was time for my pregnancy chic debut, lol... Sike, more pregnancy bump acceptance, since for 4 full days I would not be in scrubs. So, despite the fact we were there to cheer, encourage my daughter and of course assist with the college recruiting... Continue Reading →

Small Boutique Fashion Week – Worth the journey!

So, for Day 2 Show 1 of NNYFW (Naomi's NYFW) my stylist/personal assistant (me lol) had provided me with an excellent itinerary.  I have not joined the Uber cult yet, I was determined to catch cabs, mostly because I was by myself.  In cabs, I always take a quick pic of the driver taxi license, cab... Continue Reading →

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