Small Boutique Fashion Week – Worth the journey!

So, for Day 2 Show 1 of NNYFW (Naomi’s NYFW) my stylist/personal assistant (me lol) had provided me with an excellent itinerary.  I have not joined the Uber cult yet, I was determined to catch cabs, mostly because I was by myself.  In cabs, I always take a quick pic of the driver taxi license, cab number, send it to my hubs…Hopping into a random Uber drive personal car by myself seems unsafe, but that’s probably completely untrue lol.

So, my street style continued to be BCBGMaxazria, this time a skirt. IMG_4795The aim was to be dressy enough for front row without bringing too much attention to myself on the streets of NYC.

So I actually quickly got a cab, so I should have known, something was going to go wrong.  The cab driver said that I was his first passenger, and he doesn’t know the city well. Warning sign ignored, I had to be on time for the show, I thought how hard could it be to get uptown.  Apparently, extremely. Cab driver asked me if I had directions, so I asked for Siri’s help. We diligently followed my phone’s GPS (it was only on 35% too), until we came up to a large 4 block long festival on Avenue of the Americas, and the cab driver said there’s no hope of getting around it, so I should get out.  Um, no.  The GPS kept sending us on alternate routes leading right back to the festival. I was still like 15 blocks away. I went old school and used the map to get around it, using Houston and Broadway. Needless to say 35 minutes (should have be 10) and $37 later,  I arrived at Metropolitan Pavilion to see Small Boutique Fashion Week.FullSizeRender

The fashion show, unlike my cab experience did not disappoint.  I have not mastered taking good or even decents pics with my ipHone, but I loved all of the designers and models were excellent. These were my favorite looks.

Uncommon ravish dezigns– love love love tulle

IMG_4810IMG_4809  IMG_4808

Lall Dass – amazing statement pieces; elegant gowns

image1  IMG_4866

Autumology – so sexy chic

IMG_4814 IMG_4816

the Amme Collection – loved the intricacy

IMG_4875  IMG_4881

Toi Box Couture – stunning

IMG_4800 (1) IMG_4801 (1)

Intrendzick couture – look how intricate the flowers are!

IMG_4851 IMG_4856IMG_4847

VHanleyIMG_4837…definitely had the complete package, loved the attention to detail, excellent music selection (Beyonce who runs the world), and creatively appropriate use of 2 models at a time and despite displaying 2 pieces at the same time, the outfits enhanced each other. It was similar to Australian fashion shows I had seen recently online.


FullSizeRender (2)

Obviously my pictures do not do it justice, and if a designer did not have a pic in my blog, it’s because the picture I took must have been horrible! This was a great show, I wished I could have seen all the shows that day!image1 (1)

Stay tuned, next post will include the rest of the day, here’s a hint…my shoes were made for walking…


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