Thank you Myrtle Beach

No kids. No work. Never a stay-cation.  Every November, we try to take a trip together. And, it’s usually necessary.  We love each other. But a friendly reminder of why is key to maintaining your marriage.

First issue, we have when choosing a trip is Naomi will only do warm weather for vacation. She mentioned Myrtle Beach, price-wise is great because its fall, but then again its probably going to be chilly, because well its fall.  Yet still, “we” decided it was a good idea. Initially we were going to go for the week, but as usual things came up, we just couldn’t get off work at the same time, so it went from  7 days to 5 days to basically 3.

The drive down was great, weather was surprising warm, Naomi probably slept for 3 of the 6 hrs, drooling, snoring, head occasionally hitting the window, the seat…Aw, just like old times (she’s gonna kill me when she reads this.)

Myrtle Beach was pleasantly quiet and empty, which is more our speed, we’re like young old people.  I was nervous because normally Naomi plans the trips with an psychotic itinerary, but this time she left it all in my hands, so I didn’t want to disappoint her.  I checked us in to Sandy Beach Resort Hotel.JPGAs she went to our room, I parked the car. When I nervously opened our hotel room, Naomi was on snapchat (Dastang6) showing the world, which meant she loved it! Our hotel room, was huge, included a full kitchen with dishes, living room, two queens, and a balcony!!!

Next step, food.  We went to Seafood World; and the buffet was amazing, large Alaskan snow crab legs, bacon wrapped scallops, the works! IMG_5459

Next day, Naomi was up before relaxing on the balcony.  She said she was so relaxed that she felt uncomfortable, lol.

Naturally, her next statement was “what’s next on the agenda??” I was ready, we went to Plantation Pancake House , service was fast, with friendly staff and really good food! FullSizeRender

The weather was 83 degrees, sunny, and perfect! It was almost surreal. So we went “tanning” on the beach, lol.


Next stop was a surprise dinner, it was funny watching Naomi struggle to find an outfit, when she didn’t know where she was going.

We went to small restaurant called Sobaya Japanese Bistro , the food was unbelievably good. We highly recommend the Seafood yaki udon and teriyaki chicken.

We aren’t party animals but we couldn’t resist Margaritaville, IMG_5475Such a fun place with great drinks! We are heavy believers in snacks, where we live there are no more Krispy Kreme stores so that was a must.

Next day, 58 degrees and pour down rain.  But being from Pittsburgh, I had to watch the Steelers.  So, we found a nice bar called Drafts, great atmosphere and the food was even better.

IMG_5480.JPGDefinitely have the lobster roll.

Later, I attempted to take Naomi to an epic candy store but really couldn’t find it, and somehow ended up at Joe’s Crab Shack.

The next morning, rested and renewed, we headed back home, because we had to pick the kids up from school, hop right back into the craziness.

Stay tuned for my next Tech Tuesday post!


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  1. This sounds like a great little getaway- It’s too bad you couldn’t get more time off work!
    I’ve yet to visit myrtle beach, but I’ll keep this time of year in mind! I hate travelling to packed places. And Lobster rolls are a must when you’re so close to the ocean!

    Lindsey Elyse | lindseyginge


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