Flying high in Week 20! (literally) – 38 and 4th



Sooo, lets see what’s been going on… My AFP test was negative (woohoo!). We had an intensive second trimester ultrasound, like it wasn’t super fun per say it seemed all business, i.e. 3 view of the organs like kidneys. So, the tech went to go discuss everything with the doctor in the meantime she said I can go to the bathroom (you know how your bladder is hella full)… So we waited and waited for what felt like forever. She came back saying she has to get few more images, not to freak out she just forgot to check the bladder (phew!)

Baby’s first shoot:

Our checkup went well, only thing we didn’t get before it was genetic counseling, but that was only because the day we scheduled it for there was 8 inches of snow.  IMG_1990So, our obgyn said might as well cancel it, since all of the studies and lab work has been okay thus far.  I get a month break from any lab work, thank goodness!

**** By the way, our insurance company sent us the claim for the Panorama/Horizon chromosome test and it totaled $14,000, so keep that in mind if you need to get it.***

Eating Better


Can’t tell if its craving or addiction, but loving Caprese salads right now!

Trying New Things…

IMG_2059The teenager had a big volleyball tournament in Indianapolis which meant I had to catch a plane for the first time while pregnant. It was a quick nonstop flight from BWI but to put it mildly, I was a nervous nelly. Everything I read said metal detectors are safe but if it looks like the TSA agent says to go through to entire body scan, avoid that radiation by “opting out” and asking for a pat down.  TSA states the radiation is no more harmful than what you are exposed to when flying, but that was not very comforting.  When it came time for me, I just asked the agent if I could go through the metal detector and they were completely cool with it. (As usual stressin’ over nothing)

We did take a quick 1hr 40min drive over to Ohio to check out Xavier University, which she loved, and my teenager is hard to please lol.IMG_2082

Until next time guys, thanks for reading and taking this journey with us!


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