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Smurfin’ around Dallas – #StyleMuseMonday

Yes, I’m totally showing my age. But back in the day, everyone wanted to be Smurfette, she was awesome, all the dudes respected her… ahhh good times.

Anywho, when leaving the tournament in Dallas for a litle while to get a quick power nap at the hotel, we saw this crazy huge hat. So you gotta stop to take pictures there right??? IMG_2472

I so happen to have my Dorothy Perkins beautiful cobalt blue maxi dress on…


Which is lightweight, soft silky type of material…


I love the love the small gold statement piece at the neck, just a nice touch… 

You can find this perfect dress Here!!! 

Don’t forget to check out their 25% off Everything sale!!!

Oh and My shoes were from Chinese Laundry, but they are super old, I love these from                                       Saks Off 5th. Check out these Open-Toe Espadrille Wedge Sandals !

Well, Until next time….



City girl in the Stockyards – #StyleMuseMonday

So, my daughter’s volleyball travels, brought us to Dallas, Texas this past weekend.  Typically, I try to take my mom to a few historical spots while we’re there. And she picks the Fort Worth Stockyards! IMG_2342               

Gotta see some longhorns if your in Texas, right?

Well, I can honestly say I did not choose an outfit fitting for my location, but excited to rock my lastest dress from Dorothy Perkins.

My Look:IMG_2336

My Dress is from Dorothy Perkins, strong material, but so soft, comfortable; with a hint of athe-leisure! You can find my Maternity Grey Wrap Hem Dress here, I wear a size 10 UK, 8 US…

My fantastic shoes is also from Dorothy Perkins. I kinda went out on a limb here, because I just was not sure how they would fit. But fit is true to size, so don’t worry! You can find the Black ‘Candle’ Pineapple Espadrilles here! IMG_2437

Other shoe options that I love, love, love!!! From Saks 5th Avenue OFF 5th which has a crazy shoe SALE right now, use code  SHOELOVE !!!

Frenchy Embellished Espadrilles

Dakota Suede Gladiator Espadrille Sandals

Such a simple look, but super pregnancy chic, am I right??? Well, until next week!


Not so Slimming stripes, lol – #StyleMuseMonday

So continuing my pregnancy chicwear debut in Indianapolis with Stripes! Embracing the bump so for once I’m not using them for their slimming capabilities.

I like how I look 9 mths pregnant, but I’m only 6 🙂



Still gray and black, I haven’t branched into colors yet, but maybe I’ll get a little Easter inspiration, lol….

My look is a stiped Jojo Maman Bebe a 
Side Gathered Striped Maternity Tops
Side Gathered Striped Maternity Tops which feels silky smooth on my occasionally itchy pregnant belly, is long sleeve which is perfect for a layered look and thick quality material, but not too heavy if you know what I mean.

My favorite Kimono cardigan also by Jojo Maman Bebe Knitted Charcoal Maternity Kimono

White sneakers: Puma from Off Saks 5th Avenue (super comfortable)  Puma’s Round Toe Lace-Up Sneakers

Okay, I promise to brighten up next week’s look even if the sky is gray… Stay tuned!!!




Gray like Indiana’s sky – #StyleMuseMonday

Sooo my daughter’s volleyball journey took us to Indianapolis.  And it was time for my pregnancy chic debut, lol… Sike, more pregnancy bump acceptance, since for 4 full days I would not be in scrubs.

So, despite the fact we were there to cheer, encourage my daughter and of course assist with the college recruiting process (there were a lot of big name colleges there and some were actually watching her!)… I had to represent for those preggo fashionistas:

So I checked ahead and it was supposed to approximately 60 degrees but raining. And on a gloomy day, its okay to blend in with a little gray of your own 🙂

So I hopped on a London maternity and children’s boutique called JoJo Maman Bébé -with roots in French nautical style, I heard of from instagram! As I read more about this brand, it is right down my alley, “supremely comfortable,” “fashionable and well made, but still affordable.” (direct quotes from their website)

First, I wanted a nice cardigan like sweater, that was of great sturdy quality, heavy but free-flowing for those occasional pregnancy hot flashes.


1st my outerwear … a Knitted Charcoal Maternity Kimono

2nd a maxi dress, with a little slit to show some of my nonexistent calf muscles, lol… this one is from Old Navy

…And if you want black I’d choose this Dorothy Perkins Black Jersey Maxi Dress !

3rd my rendition of the white sneaker trend, these ultra comfortable,  Puma’s Round Toe Lace-Up Sneakers

Near Indiana Convention Center

I hope you enjoyed this look! Check out next week, for my pregnancy outfit journey… And any advice for tall pregnant folk like me, I’d appreciate!


Butterfly in the New York Sky – #StyleMuseMonday

Oh yeah, its New York Fashion Week!!! Or for me, New York Fashion Week-end… After attending the Global Fashion Forum at Supernova at Novotel in Times Square, the view was so epic, my daughter and I had to get a closer look.

img_1684Although there had been a decent size snowstorm the day before, the weather warmed up to a lovely 45 degrees!!! Shop this top here

img_1697Since I’m in that stage when I’m refusing to accept that I need maternity clothes and still trying to squeeze in a large…

This Butterfly Print Chiffon Poncho Blouse is from and only less than $15!!!


I never travel to Manhattan without my goto blue patent leather Zara shoes!!!

Since they are out of stock, Here are a few other options:
Black Patent Leather Lace Up Shoes
  from Shein  Black Patent Leather Lace Up Shoes

Of a color that pop would be best, lol… like I dont know, um Burgundy?
Burgundy Lace Up Patent Leather Shoes
 from RomweBurgundy Lace Up Patent Leather Shoes


Hope you enjoy!!!




***We are lucky to collab with…
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The Snowball Effect – #StyleMuseMonday

Sooo I have worn this sweater a few times. During Christmas, my younger middle brother, Brandon, said I looked like a pretty fuzzy snowball.  A rare compliment, lol.  But its super soft, you can dress it up with heels or dress down with some new sneaks.


Quick link to this Grey Drop Shoulder Fuzzy Sweater !!!



Find Total Package here:

Forever 21 Stretch-Knit Skinny Pants       Stretch-Knit Skinny Pants

No King’s Seven (Sneaker line by my lil bro!!!)  img_1022

Grey Fuzzy Sweater       Grey Drop Shoulder Fuzzy Sweater

Snowball or not, I absolutely love love love this soft sweater!!!






***We are lucky to collab with…
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You can Ring my Bell – #StyleMuseMonday

Picture this a gloomy day in Richmond, up early for a full day of your kids volleyball tournament. Dress like a mom who hasn’t slept in a week, or dig down deep and be that fashionista? Oh, you know what I chose…

I’m all about Effort. Less.  A great way to start is Bell. Shaped. Sleeves.


Now I admit is difficult it’s eat your two desserts…


…key lime pie and oatmeal creme cookies from Shyndigz, best bakery spot in Richmond! (post to come)



Anywho, my  MakeMeChic sweater was a big hit, even teenager approved!!!

Here is the link to the exact Loose Knit Bell Sleeve Jumper  !!!
It’s less than $25… and click here for an Extra 20% off !!!

(It’s one size fit all and I’m almost 5’10” and wear a size 8/medium)

Other similar options:

Under $10…

Black Bell Sleeve T-shirt Black Bell Sleeve T-shirt

Black Polyester Casual Long Sleeve Round Neck Plain Fabric has some stretch Fall T-Shirts.

Black Bell Sleeve T-shirt

Under $15 … With a little Off Shoulder Action!

Off-The-Shoulder Bell Sleeve Top - Black Off-The-Shoulder Bell Sleeve Top – Black

Shop here!

Under $20 … Whole lotta flare!

Black Bell Sleeve Cut Out Back Blouse Black Bell Sleeve Cut Out Back Blouse

Shop here!

Black Sexy Round Neck Long Sleeve Polyester Plain Tunic Fabric has no stretch Fall Blouses.


By the way, besides being the most fashionable mom there, this is comfortable fit, was great for my 8 hrs of cheering, jumping, and clapping…. Anywho, until next week guys…


***We are lucky to collab with…
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Oh, That Fuzzy Feel Good Sweater #StyleMuseMonday

So I shared my last fuzzy sweater with my teenager, and never saw it again… So on this chilly day in Baltimore, I want to share my newest item from my haul…


Processed with VSCO with kk1 presetimg_0813


Unfortunately it’s sold out on  but I found some great ones on Forever21 !

Forever 21

Fuzzy Knit Cardigan
 – for the Mid length
Fuzzy Knit Cardigan

Longline Fuzzy Knit Cardigan
 – I love this!
Longline Fuzzy Knit Cardigan

Until next week, guys!



*Hope you enjoy my collab with Forever 21 & MakeMeChic*

Getting Cozy at the Shack… #StyleMuseMonday

So after a long work week, for both of us, Brent treated his special girl, aka me, to a much needed date night! So I threw on my little off my the shoulder cozy yet slightly revealing pink sweater that I’ve been dying to wear!


Now fortunately the place was about 40 min away which gave me enough time to do all of my work documentation in the car… I’m such a romantic 🙂


Anywho, we went to Joe’s Crab Shack… my fav!!!


Find Hot Fashions at SheIn

Fortunately your outfit is protected by the bib while we attack those Snow and Dungeness Crab steampots!

Well, you can totally shop this cozy knit from !!!

Pink One Shoulder Dip Hem T-shirt

Pink One Shoulder Dip Hem T-shirt

Super Perfect additions to this sweater look:

Brown PU Round Toe Buckle Strap Chunky Heel Knee Boots   
Brown PU Round Toe Buckle Strap Chunky Heel Knee Boots

Black Skinny Ankle Jeans   Huge Clearance Sale at SheIn - Shop now to save up to 90%, get free shipping and free returns - Ends
Black Skinny Ankle Jeans

Hopefully this satisfies your style appetite just as much as it Joe’s Crab Shack did for me! Oh and a Huge Clearance sale right now too!!! 

Well, Until next week…


*** So lucky that I get to collab with Shein! ***

Hot Husband alert! #StyleMuseMonday

Well hubs, aka Brent of BrentandNaomi Blog, quickly learned that Style Muse Monday is a family affair during an impromptu photoshoot when he just so happened to wear this shirt from Jimmy Jazz.


Shop the Look! It’s from Jimmy Jazz, sort of an upscale streetwear website.  This shirt is by Diamond Supply Company. Perfect for your hot men everywhere!  


If you are a guy checking this out, I know how you guys love a discount lol, so I put some coupons here!