Braxton Hickup-ing across the country@ 32 wks! – 38 and 4th

I know I’ve been a bit M.I.A. but when you work 70-80 hrs a week in medicine with 3 kids and a husband, everything feels like its going nonstop!  Fortunately I love love love a challenge. So, what’s been going on? Besides getting a Rhogam shot…

I’ve received a few TSA pat downs… I know that the body scanner is not supposed to cause any harm, but I have upcoming flights and I fear overtime the radiation could, but I know its all in my head.

Well, I flew with my teenage to Dallas for Nationals volleyball tournament! IMG_2621

While we were there, we went over to Fort Worth to check out the Stockyards…IMG_2378IMG_2436


I took my mother to the Depository from where JFK was shot. Took this time to educate my teenager on his horrible assassination.  Although young, you could see how affected she was especially when hearing grandma recap her feelings, she remember exactly where she was, and overall sadness across the country.


Let’s see… Mother’s day was perfect, went to a family cookout, had a perfect day with my 3.5 little perfect people…

Memorial Day weekend, was a rare moment when Hubs (aka Brent) was off work and could travel, I definitely didn’t throw a pregnancy hormonal fit until he figured out how to make this happen, lol…


My daughter was invited to an academic volleyball camp across the country, where the top academic universities and colleges sent their coaches to evaluate the girls in a showcase.  Of course, I’m thinking, I’m almost 32 weeks pregnant, I should sit down somewhere. And I decided to sit on a flight across the country to Santa Clara, California! Never miss an opportunity… if you can help it 🙂


Started feeling some Braxton-Hicks for the first time just before this trip… been noticing it occurs when I work non-stop which I did 14 days straight, before relaxing in Cali… They don’t hurt, it just gets tight. Forces me to relax, I try lay back, drink some water, and they usually go away in like 5 minutes.


Believe or not, I still have been doing the best I can to eat well, take my prenatal vitamins… For now, I’m trying to do the best I can to do all I can to take care of the kids, because I know when the lil one comes, that’s where all my focus has to be, after all I only have a month off I for maternity leave.  My kids are used to having all of me… nervous but I’m sure everything will be okay. Stay tuned…





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