The Met, my Teen and I – Our NYC Chronicles Pt.2

So since I brought my 17 yr old daughter and the new edition ( I’m 15 weeks pregnant) to New York Fashion Week, I thought let me ask my teen if there was anything she wants to do while in NYC. And she said go to a museum and to Broadway. Gosh, we may not agree on alot but it warmed my heart that she and I share a love for culture! Maybe because her name is Monet, I named her after one of my favorite painters, Claude Monet.

Well the first full day started off, with not only an hr of her putting her face on it the bathroom not exactly following my typed itinerary, but also a hop, skip and cab ride up to the magnificent Metropolitan Museum of Art. Although I went to post-graduate school in New York, spending my last year doing clinical rotations in Manhattan, I had never been to the Met or any museum. Just was constantly studying…


Anywho, after taking 20 pictures together in front of the beautiful building we actual decided to walk in.  The lobby is well, jaw-dropping. img_1508

There is a recommended admissions fee but they let you pay what you want, and I felt the admissions fee wasn’t asking for enough!


I let my daughter decide where we’d go. We had limited time because we had a fashion show/brunch to attend at 1pm.

First stop, coat check, lol.img_1612

We picked up some items to give us a little direction… img_1833

Next stop, European Paintings…

Rare moment… you’re teen is snapchatting the paintings!!! Not doing selfies lol. img_1530

I got a bit distracted, because a mosaic caught my eye on the way to Ancient Egypt… I love mosaics by the way. Like love.


Okay now to Ancient Egypt, we there were sacrophaguses, went on an old tomb walk through and actually saw some old Imhotep spells!!!

So afterwards we made a mad dash over to Ancient Asia…

Um, just so epic, larger than life…




Then somehow, we entered Ancient India. And wow!


Determined to get the shot!!!

Architectural Ensemble from Jain Meeting Hall. 16th cent. India


Well, unfortunately, our time was cut short, we never made it to Ancient Greece. But from what we saw this museum was so beautiful, curated so well, appropriate and intriguing for all ages and people from all walks of life, Even Baltimoreans 🙂



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