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Steelers tried to Ruin my Date Night

So when you achieve certain goals, like marriage, great career, say like having 4 kids; you enter a world very people have lived. There’s no normal. You’re in a perpetual state of a “new” normal.

Fortunately (I think) our daughter’s volleyball tournaments take us all over the country. The boys tend to stay with my in laws, which used to mean the hotel room to ourselves. And you know what that means… Napping. Lots of napping. Except with the baby, since I’m still her food (aka I’m breastfeeding), we can’t “nap” and being by ourselves is just a lot more difficult. This one trip to Richmond, my mom went to and agreed to watch her for a few hours. Soooo, after a quick pumping, we were free to go. IMG_1388

I did not anticipate the Steelers sabotaging my date before it even started.  I mean they didn’t lose, they got destroyed. And being married to one of the biggest Steelers’ fan, meant my night was screwed.

He did try to act like everything was okay. He took me to CineBistro at Stony Point Fashion Park.

It was pretty cool inside. Dark though. Sorta hard to see your menu. IMG_0381I just had to get used to the ambience, obviously not your typical movie theater.  So you can eat while you wait for the movie to start; or once you’re in the theater they’ll be waiters/waitresses ready to take your order and bring you your meal before the movie begins (remember you must arrive 30 minutes before the movie)

While we waited 45 minutes for Jumanji (I love what the Rock is cooking), I decided to have my first drink since well election day (got pregnant that night while on a cruise lol).  There was definitely a lot to chose from.  The Berry Breeze would be my first drink in a year and a half, and it did not disappoint! We ordered some perfectly seasoned wings, which we devoured in minutes lol.

The movie theater wasn’t too big, all seats were great seats basically. The chairs lounged back and were very comfy.

I know when you go to an upscale movie theater, the last thing you order should be popcorn. But I’ve never seen a movie without eating popcorn, and I wasn’t about to start now.  I want to say more about the in theater dining experience, but it was pretty seamless, didn’t take away from the movie experience, which is surprising because everyone in the theater was basically getting their meals at the same time. You would think it would be disruptive but no, it was just well run. IMG_0393(Hubs order a hamburger which he said was fantastic.)

The movie was fun, you really can’t go wrong with the Rock and Kevin Hart, like ever. Afterwards, it seemed like Hubs spirits were uplifted, we played a little chess, laughed even held hands.

But then we turned our phones back on, reality set back in, he became a sad Steelers’ fan and I went back to being a Ravens’ fan secretly laughing inside (Boooo, Steelers !!!)




Lady Liberty, Oh Yeah, Girl Power!

So it may appear that we try to go to New York every chance we get. And that is only partially maybe mostly true, lol.  This time we had good intentions. I mean you go gotta for the blog, right?

Well, we headed up to Long Island Tech conference but got a little lost and with traffic we got there with 30 minutes left.  But we forgot about the New York Minute which apparently is 7 seconds (according to Sex and the City). So needless to say, everyone had packed up and was leaving by the time we got there.

Well with the sun setting might as well have a quick photoshoot!

(Shop the look!)

With a good 7 hours left in babysitting time, and being 3 hrs away from home, we decided to maximize our New York experience with something I haven’t done since 2 days before 9/11.  Take a little cruise around Manhattan!

Unlike Baltimore, in which everything is no more than 20 min away, from Long Island to downtown Manhattan at 5pm is about an hour. img_0647

Which means the cruise gotta be limited. Don’t worry its New York there’s something for everyone.

We googled Circle Line, the classic one, but it was too long so we went to handy dandy Viator and LonelyPlanet.com and found the NY taxi.  Yeah, I’m totally okay with a quick night Liberty cruise in 70 degree weather on a yacht for the same price as a Circle Line cruise!


So we amazingly found a parking spot, Pier 16, South Seaport… this is totally meant to be!img_0654

We quickly bought our tickets…

Shop the Look! 

…and although only 30 minutes before the cruise, Hubs is hungry. Never to fear, New York is known for fantastic food where you least expect it like, El Luchador.

Um, we highly highly recommend, truly great Mexican food with a “So-Cal flair.”

We took our food to go…img_0652

…and rushed back across the street to board the Zephr!img_0660 img_0657The travel guide was utterly hilarious, totally making history fun.

As we went under the amazing bridges like Brooklyn and Manhattan & traveled  down the East River, one couldn’t help but to be in amazement of how the skyline has changed and just all of the people that constructed these buildings we take for granted.

With the recent historic political change,

Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty architecture is not as significant as the meaning behind it.

Just think between 1892 and early 1920s, over 12 millions immigrants came to this country.  Immigrants built this country on their backs, to be apart of something greater. Nowadays the hope associated with immigration has turned into fear and uncertainty (Okay off my soapbox!)


I’ve never seen the Statue of Liberty up close, at night.  At first, everyone was feverishly taking pics, then people from all walks of life on the cruise, sorta stopped and stared. Although her tablet is the date of the signing of the Declaration of Independence, the bronze plaque next to her is Lazarus’ poem “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free…” Just Awe-inspiring.  Liberty and Justice for all not some…all. (Okay I promise no more emotional talk 🙂


As you can tell, this Cruise is not only a fantastic last minute or actually planned date option; it offers so much more!



***Also, per our followers request, we are adding a LookBook feature called “The Look” to the blog which will give details on our outfits, discounts, and more!!!***