Captain’s dinner attire!

So, if you’ve ever been cruisin’ before you know they have a night for the captain’s dinner. It’s one of the few times elegant attire is required on the cruise.

And let’s just face it, as an adult there’s very few reasons to dress up anymore. And if your a working mom of 3, its easy to lose your will to match let alone, look elegant, lol… img_0442

That’s why I adore this Bardot dress from Missguided! Check it out! (marked down from $45 to $22!!)

Even though I don’t have much in the chest area, and I could work out the legs some more, I felt fantastic in it! I mean I got a lot of great unsolicited (and solicited) compliments.


Most importantly from my husband, which after years of marriage its good that he notices you, and still thinks you’re the prettiest girl in the world!


Just a perfect dress for a perfect day!

Oh and For one more day get 25% off anything new in Missguided! Click here and Type HEYNEW25 !!!

Stay tuned for next Style Must Monday… perfect outfit for an escape from the winter blues…


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