Wo-Manufacturing Fashion saves communities

What do you consider poverty?  Imagine at age 6, your parents were killed and you have to take care of your younger siblings.  You grow up with little to no education, or job skills. So you're impoverished and despite the desire to improve your situation, your lack of job skills adds to your limitations. Fortunately as... Continue Reading →

Can’t pull the “Wool” over my eyes…

...Eco-fashion can be Eco-chic! At the fantastic HERLIFE Magazine Metro DC 1 year anniversary event,  I witnessed my first ecofashion haute couture fashion show, featuring WoolWonders.  Irina Levkovich is an amazing designer, w ho makes eco-friendly mean eco-fantastic! It's rare to say I loved every single piece, but I did and I wanted to buy and... Continue Reading →

So, I accidentally discovered fast fashion.  As a mother of 3 and self-proclaimed fashionista, I loved the fact that I could be fashionable without the guilt of spending too much money on myself.  But, until American Fashion Podcast, I had no idea how something so cheap could be so costly.  Overseas in certain factories there are... Continue Reading →

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