Can’t pull the “Wool” over my eyes…

...Eco-fashion can be Eco-chic!FullSizeRender (3).jpg

At the fantastic HERLIFE Magazine Metro DC 1 year anniversary event,  I witnessed my first ecofashion haute couture fashion show, featuring WoolWonders.  Irina Levkovich is an amazing designer, w
ho makes eco-friendly mean eco-fantastic!
It’s rare to say I loved every single piece, but I did and I wanted to buy and wear them all immediately! They were elegant, but looked so cozy. I thought these would be perfect for a gala-type event, you know looking effortless stunning and be comfortable, kinda just makes it easier on the dance floor, you know?

IMG_6032The beautiful venue was The Embassy Row Hotel. It was interactive in that the models weaved in between the crowd. It was hard to know where the hotel lobby ended and the runway began (as you can see in my pics). I sort of found out when I realized I was standing in the way of one of the models, but the small intimate runway was integral to the whole experience.

I was checking out her website, and her motto is ‘Do No Harm.’ Which obviously hits home, because of my career in medicine. She states,“No negative energy in my creations: eco-fur doesn’t require slaughtering an animal – it is still roaming around and will make many other people happy, beautiful and warm throughout its life.” So wearing her clothes is not only comfortable but also comforting.  And personally enjoy clothes that with added tactile sensation.

Here are some of my favorite looks:




FullSizeRender (1)

So, this will be the first of a 3 blogpost series with a focus on eco-fashion, sustainability and social responsibility. So stay tuned !!!


P.S. On a funny note at this event, I attempted to take pics like a true fashionista and literally kept getting perpetually photobombed by a guy.  Like I just couldn’t shake him. Ever had that problem lol?

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