Thank you Denver

Beauty of club volleyball, besides providing your child with fun experiences, and working yourself to death to afford all of this fun; is that IMG_7078it opens new doors for you. So, I can honestly say I’ve never been to Denver and probably would have never gone unless one of our kids forced us to leave Baltimore, MD!  Well, our younger kids were being
watched by my mother-in-law, so, Brent and I decided to make the most of it and he flew over too.  Funny, that it’s easier for us to date when we’re out of town, than home.

We lost a day adjusting to the altitude, and naturally most of our time was spent watching her games, which at 3 a day, was a total 9 in the 3 day tournament; but the rest of time was just us two!

Denver Convention Center

So our hot dates consisted of Chili’s… Waffle House… you know gentle reminders of simpler times.

Aurora, CO

The final and only non-volleyball day, we traveled through Lyons, CO —> Pinewood Springs, CO —> to Estes Park in the Rocky Mountains.



These times together are important…seeing Rocky mountains prevents rocky marriages lol.

Living on the edge!


We (snow)capped off the evening, with a cozy romantic dinner of chicken tenders and fries with just a few other thousand sports fanatics, watching the Memphis Grizzles vs Denver Nuggets.

Pepsi Center


All in all, our daughter’s team did well, ended up in silver bracket, but for us this trip was solid Gold.


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