By the Hammer of Style! – Style Fashion Week New York SS17

Hammerstein Ballroom

So the first time I went to a Style Fashion Week event it was in collaboration with La Nuit en Rosé, so lets just say there were drinks involved.  But it was probably the biggest show, I had ever been to. I mean there were like 5 rows and a standing section. fullsizeoutput_f40My ticket was a just less than a hundred, which was well worth it with the buffet of the top chefs in NYC and wine tasting, but it landed me a possible seat in the back.
And once I saw who was filing into the front row, Miss USA, and various other celebrities, I totally understood.  It was one of those Dorothy your not in Kansas anymore moments.

img_1137Well, this year I was in a different role as media, and was given more freedom to experience the event in its entirety.  fullsizeoutput_f41

I dedicated my Saturday evening, Sept 10th 2016, to Style Fashion Week and was able to watch the 6pm shows of the amazing designers:

Janay Deann

Official Style Fashion Week images

As a mother, I know it is difficult to dress a little girl for a major event like a wedding, without her looking like a grown woman. However, this fantastic colllection had dresses with the elegance of an upscale event while maintaining the innocence of a child. Bravo!

Ydamys Simo 

Official Style Fashion Week images

Such a fun sassy line, with colors that pop! I loved the designers ability to turn a romper into an incredibly stylish outfit, by adding a belt, neon color, assymetric shoulders, a fringe or adding a collar with bold sleeves accentuating the shoulders! Such talent!

During the intermission between the 6pm and 8pm shows, as I was charging my phone, I met so many amazing people!  One of which is a great styleblogger/plus size fashion stylist from Brooklyn, Nanthale E. Collins. She definitely provides a much needed service, and if you look at her work, she styles clothes so that you feel confident, chic and just love the skin you’re in! img_1110

Okay now with phone charged, onto the 8pm shows:

Akiyo Hirakubo of Bradelis New York

Official Style Fashion Week images

Beautiful lingerie, very sensual, perfect fusion of mature yet playful with such beautiful lace material and such variety!

Danny Nguyen

Official Style Fashion Week images

Omg, I thought how is it that I love every single impeccable variation of these gold embellished white dresses! Like I was truly “ready to buy.” Definitely critically needed for my next gala event!

 Adrian Alicea

Official Style Fashion Week images

So this designer’s “World Domination” collection started off with a powerful short film, setting the fierce tone of the show. The makeup and music was perfect.  These clothes were bold, daring and exuded confidence!

So before I conclude, just wanted show the epic factor of the Hammerstein Ballroom and the magnitude of the show which can only be appreciated in its entirety from the balcony!




Style Fashion Week was such an amazing, truly ethereal event!  The fashion was exquisite, the total production was excellent and although incredibly entertaining, they never lost sight of celebrating designers’ talents.



“Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined”

-Henry David Thoreau 





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