All Aboard! – Cruisin’ on the Carnival Conquest Pt. 1

So wayyy back in March, my hubs Brent, was told by his family that they were going on a 5 day cruise in November. In typical Brent fashion, when he tried to buy tickets in late September, the cruise was sold out!  So we were waitlisted… I didn’t fuss as I normally would, even though I planned childcare (for all 3!), and to be off work. I attacked him with silence, lol.  Jk he was more stressed about how his family was going to handle the disappointment.

So, 2 weeks before the cruise, hubs called feverishly Carnival and as usual when it comes to Brent, everything works out! Not only were we off the wait list but we had room options, and with family ties restored, all was right with the world. I never doubted him, lol.

So I quickly hopped online and bought some bathing suits from Forever 21 and dresses from MISSGUIDED !!! I gotta look cute, even though I did not get my hair braided soooo, my after swimming pics are gonna look cray!

Even though we didn’t know if we would be going on a cruise, hubs already purchased flights to Florida because Spirit had a sale wayyy back in early September.  Yes, flights before cruise tickets… what you gonna do.


So, we caught an early flight from Baltimore to Ft Lauderdale, then fortunately Carnival has a shuttle that takes you directly to the port! img_0193

They take your luggage and later that day bring it directly to your cabin.


First step, when you’re cruising is to go through security, sort of like the airport. Now we do not have passports (its on our to-do list) but a US birth certificate and driver’s license is sufficient.


Then its the long line, which moved pretty fast, to the second part of checking in, which includes taking a picture, getting a carnival cruise card, that you will need to purchase food/drinks, get on and off the ship during excursions.


There’s options like Early dining or late dining. We chose Anytime dining, mostly because we weren’t sure when the family planned to eat.

Then it’s a waiting game to board the ship. Obviously thousands can not go board all at once, lol. We were in the 6th wave. Once you board, there are plenty of photo opportunities. I advise you to take all of the photo-ops. It just gives you more options to chose from when you debark. You only pay for the ones pick. Trust me on this one!

Awesome view from the 9th floor!

Instead of going to our cabin, we went straight to the sports bar, to watch the Ravens play the Steelers!

The Sky Box!
Met a lot of great people!

This was vital. Hubs is from Pittsburgh and I’m from Baltimore so the outcome could potentially determine how the rest of the cruise goes, lol.


Yesssss, Ravens won!

Then I went to the cabin to take a nap, I pulled an all nighter getting the kids ready and packed for the week and off to grandma’s, packing for me, and cleaning the house.


The cabin was beautiful, and quite roomy for the two of us with Brent beign 6’2″ and I’m 5′ 9.75″!

While I was napping, hubs met with his family. Then we had to go to the mandatory “In case of emergency” briefing, in which everyone participates.


Then we migrated to the deck, to say so long to florida…

… and it was a big party, people doing the electric slide, drinks flowing, even though it was a bit of a chill, people were at poolside…

Shortly after 5pm, the ship began to sail, we went to the room to unpack, then realized we were starving! So since we are Anytime diners, we didn’t have to wait, but our dining restaurants options were limited. img_0235

If you want to call eating at the Renoir Restaurant, limited!

As many appetizers as you want off the menu!
Fine dining!
Yummy dessert!

Bellies full, now it was time to let the sea rock us to sleep…

We were ready to start our journey to the Caribbean! img_0236

First stop, Half Moon Cay Bahamas… Or was it?!?  Stay tuned for the next post!


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