We are husband and wife who love our life and want to give you a glimpse.  We are nanny-less parents who have full-time jobs and are blessed with 3 beautiful children.  Simply put, organized chaos lol….  Despite our crazy schedules, we find time to pursue other passions like the latest technology, fashion, travel, dining, and sports.




Please remember…

  • This blog is a collaborative blog written by Brent and Naomi. For questions about this blog, please contact brentandnaomi2012@gmail.com 
  • The opinions and views expressed on this blog do not in any way reflect those of the individuals’ respective employers. The blog is an entirely separate entity.
  • All posts on this blog are copyright. If you would like to use any of my our material, please quote a paragraph or two and link back to this URL. We consider any more than this a breach of copyright law.

Further disclosure…

On occasion, BrentandNaomi works with sponsors through affiliate links, advertising banners, and sponsored posts that we may make a commission from. Any products which have been gifted to BrentandNaomi for review will be noted with *c/o (courtesy of) within the post. We only post about products and links that we find a fit to our passions and aesthetic!



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  1. Hi Brent & Naomi…just a quick thank you for stopping by marc’s blog last week and leaving a “like” …I love your header with the mountains but you can’t fool me–I know they’re not in Baltimore. My dad’s family is from Baltimore (we’re talk’n loooong ago). I remember as a kid I used to visit my grandfather. He lived in one of those old “brown stones” on Light Street in South Baltimore—three flights up! He lived to 82, either that long because of all the exercise he got on the steps, or that short because climbing all those steps killed him! You guys have a great week and get over the Ravens being 0-3…My Dolphins don’t look any better!
    -best, marc

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