Baltimore Fashion Week 2015

I was sitting and watching the US Open today, and I did not realize history was being made when I watched Coco Vanderweghe have the first TV mid match interview. Tennis is like fashion, there is a constant struggle to maintain the tradition and yet carefully break the mold.

This reminds me of the emerging designers runway show Baltimore Fashion Week (BFW) this year. One could see the struggle of the designers between doing what’s expected, and expressing what makes them unique. I felt the designers did a great job of doing both. The first night was “Whimiscal Fashions” (the emerging designers), a lovely blend of menswear, workwear (scrubs), and ready to wear. My favorite nurse’s son made his debut runway show as a model, which was so exciting! Alve Alexander definitely stole the show, with a fantastic display of my 3 favorite things: Tulles, Colors that Pop and Hoodies!!! I saw this designer February this year during the subzero New York Couture Fashion Week, where she displayed beautiful couture gowns.

Excerpt from Alve Alexander

IMG_4230[1]IMG_4231[1]IMG_4240[1]IMG_4243[1]IMG_4235[1]Alve Alexander

The final night was outstanding. There were designers from MD/DC, as well as, Denver, Minnesota, even Nigeria!! Hard Core Glam definitely had the total package, there was a commanding presence of the runaway, with such a wonderful line, you did not want it to end! Everyone did a fantastic job, my other favorites were Margaret Sanzo and PinqLaydee. 

Excerpt from Hard Core Glam

IMG_4295[1]FullSizeRenderFullSizeRender (2)FullSizeRender (3)FullSizeRender (1)

Baltimore Fashion week ( is organized and produced by Fashion Umbrella Foundation ( ). In fact, the gala, which I attended with my husband, proceeds went to REFRESH program which provided supplies to Baltimore homeroom teachers.  My teenage daughter and I have gone to Baltimore Fashion Week the last two years, I feel its important for her to understand how hard people work for one moment, as well as the importance of seeing the positivity in our city which has recently gone through strife.

By the way, check out my attire for these events !!!


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