Freeze me once NYC…

…shame on you, Freeze me twice NYC shame on me!  This past February 12th, my bestie and I went on our 2nd annual NNYFW (Naomi’s NYFW).  She was naturally hesitant because February last year, was her first time ever in NYC (crazy I know) and we literally froze. I was adamant she was going have the perfect New York experience, stay in hotel in Times Square, attend New York Fashion Week, hail cabs easily like on Sex and the City….

Her Sheer joy from seeing Times Square for the 1st time!!!

It was like a special kind of cold that if you think hard enough, you can still feel it.  I thought I knew it all, after all I lived in New York for 4 years, its easy to catch a cab. Well, I stand corrected.

IMG_1207 We could not feel our bodies. We were smack dab in the middle of Times Square and could not get a cab. And our outfits were fantastic, well, for indoors.

So this year, I figured I’d go for a little less epic and a little more practical. Well, as practical as having 4 events in 30 hrs can be.

As usual on a Friday, I worked up to the minute we had to depart on the Megabus, but it was running late so we missed first show of Oxford Fashion Studios but made the second one (Check my previous post!).

After checking into the beautiful Crowne Plaza Hotel in Times Square, we headed down to Broadway 49 Bar and Lounge, foodto get a quick bite.  We met and sat with these fantastic Canadian sisters in town to catch some Broadway shows. It seems that even in other countries mothers/wives need to get away just for a few days of course.

So, I was thinking our excursions should be during the warmest part of the day. So we took Uber toThe Gallery in the Metropolitan Pavilion  to sit Front Row at the 12pm showcaseof Small Boutique Fashion Week.IMG_6780.JPG  It was amazing like back in September 2015. Unfortunately, I was unable to catch all of the designer names but here are some of my favorite pieces.


So after scoping out the pop up shops, we headed back to Times Square to do some touristy things. We went to the Hershey Store and ate at Hard Rock Cafe.

So this is where I did things differently this year.  The next two events were at our hotel, so we would freeze no more this trip! After relaxing a bit, it was time for my bestie to force me to wear makeup.  I have no idea how she puts up with me, since I don’t like stuff on my face or near my eyes! But she’s patient and she’s actually a professionalIMG_6791

So, we elegantly headed down the escalator to Couture Fashion Week, and gracefully was taken to the 4th row, lol… Here are my favorite looks!


IMG_6812 (1)



The live singing by Alison Moyet at Burberry S/S 2016, gave me a whole new appreciation of how music can augment the entire fashion experience. The models may have a little more swagger, making the clothes sway, which really accentuates the piece.  At Couture Fashion week, there was live opera (one lady sounded like a Disney princess), R&B soul, a little pop… the show was just so spectacular!!!

On to the after party, where we met one of the singers, Abbena Appiah, who also just so happens to be Miss Universe Ghana 2014! Open buffet and Open bar…need I say more?

Overall, our 2nd annual NNYFW was such a good time, worth the convincing of the husbands, finding babysitters for the kids, and working extra hard to be able to take off for like 2 days.  We went back home refreshed, missing our lives like we had been gone a week! I’m considering maybe changing NNYFW to may S/S in September, warmer, you know? What do you think?



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