From Caterpillar to Butterfly – Bronx Fashion Week, NY

So, a week later I am still riding the high of Bronx Fashion Week, which was in partnership with the American Cancer Society.

The venue, Bronx Museum of the arts, was perfect.IMG_8695

As hubs set up in the photo pit, I found a nice little spot in the back, allowing me to take in the spirit of the entire event.  It was a huge turnout, but they were still able to maintain guest exclusivity.  Celebrities in the front row, but the seats were labelled by person, so although you may be 4 rows back your presence was still very special.  IMG_8684As fashion lovers were filing in the names on the back of the seats, made it seem empty in a room full of people unless that person arrived. DSC_0634So, the DJ was perfect for the event, making it difficult to maintain professionalism, because I wanted to dance; and the environment was upbeat full of anxiously awaiting people that the slight wait for it to begin was barely noticeable.DSC_0636.jpg

To my surprise and excitement of my SnapChat followers, my cozy little hidden spot in the back, was right where the models entered the runway!IMG_8683

Although, I’m not a New Yorker (grad school in New York City does not make me a New Yorker), more specifically from the Bronx I still felt a part of this fashion forward community.

I’ve been fortunate to attend quite a few fashion shows and I absolutely loved the Emcee of this show, Rebecca Gitana Torres.

She was not only beautiful but inspirational, and down-to-earth.  Although at celebrity status she seems to have not forgotten her roots, which helped her grow to this point.  She was very interactive with the crowd, a true integral part of the show. Like I loved her encouraging thoughts throughout the show. But after checking her website, I learned she is also an interior and lifestyle designer!

The show started off with a dancer, Bharati S. Kemraj, who performed a beautiful dance with the fusion of Carribean, Indian and Bollywood. So fitting for the diverse fashion crowd present.

Designer – Shadeth

So, this gifted 21 year old designer, had the 3 F’s: fun, feminine and flirty! Overall a beautiful collection from start to finish! I loved the beautiful prints, the attention to detail with the silver trim and pink pom poms and fantastic sleeves…

My fav was probably the 2 piece jumpsuit & off shoulder with a perfect length slit.

You can tell her future is going to be so bright.


Designer – Francoise

“To be happy is to be true to yourself.”

This collection in two words would be “incredible variety.” From swimwear to elegant sequin gowns, it was a true display of her diverse talents.

My favs were the two piece pink pleats and the black lace dress, with slit and flower embroidery.  DSC_0799I loved the soft yet bold pink dresses.


Designer – AJ

Initially, I was thinking nice, and sporty. But as I looked closer, I realized the artistic work of the designs. DSC_0890The shirts/skirts had symbols etched within the fabric, sort of like hieroglyphics. After awhile, you were mesmerized and excited to see the next piece to see what new detail was added, and challenge yourself to see where it’s located.  My fav was the sweater with button.DSC_0894 I loved how the menswear shirt was a combo of fabrics ie. mesh and cotton.

Definitely on trend with the athleisure movement, but with a special twist. Okay the epic part was when the female model took the sweater off of the male model in front of her and put it on making it a mini sweater dress.  DSC_0968Surprisingly my hubs on the car ride home, was the first to bring up that part of the show, so it wow’d even a tech geek.

Designer – Charly Dominguez

Fitting that in an art museum hosting a fashion show that there would be wearable/body art. Definitely has an ancient tribal feel merging past, present and future of body art and culture. Loved the accessories… i.e. gas mask.

Designer du Jour – Dee Eo of Quantum Style Labs aka Diego

“Bold, In your face, Unapologetic”

So, after seeing work, it was pretty clear why he showed 2 collections! I was fortunate to chat with him after the show.  I felt bad interrupting all of his well-deserved accolades from every single person walking next to him.IMG_8692

“It’s the family business… I tried to resist.”

So glad he didn’t!!!

Majoring in engineering may seem like an unlikely segway into fashion. But being that his father was a master tailor, he found a way to do both with his clear love for structure through his designs.  He also has a special ability in corsetry, bridalwear and non-traditional menswear and can also handsew!

I personally loved the play on pin-stripes which is kind of perfect for a career woman/fashionista like me who is constantly trying to exude her own style, and maintain respect in a “suit and tie” world.

Bold Collar/Corset/Long Traditional Skirt


Great Statement Piece

Who said Print is dead?

Beautifully patterned corsets

So the second collection was fierce (snap sound, lol) It had a Michael Jackson circa 80s feel.


Drop the mic…

Diego has such range. He stated for the second collection, Haberdashery, his inspiration was “Flashing Lights” by Kanye West. The first collection inspiration is Menswear clothier inspired fabric.  His favorite fabric is “Whatever moves him.” And his new line is Garment Gangster.

I want to congratulate the CEO of Bronx Fashion Week, Flora Montes and the rest of the team behind this event! At the end, the Emcee closed with the topic of the event. Butterfly effect. She had me thinking, what part of the transformation am I in? Catepillar…Cocoon…Butterfly??? Hmm, not sure Stay tuned, lol…

“Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined”

-Henry David Thoreau DSC_0173




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