Philly Fashion Week

FullSizeRender (2)Soooo, occasionally when I have a crazy 60hr work week, an upcoming event keeps me going.  I am an avid tennis watcher, not player, watcher.  So, I had big plans to hop on the Megabus head up to NYC catch the US Open and come back to Baltimore, same day. In an effort to be responsible first, I took my car to the shop for maintenance and they said the cost would be exorbitant…so it was a wrap for US Open.  Waited 364 days.  Now its a no go.  Brent tried to make me feel better, “You worked 14 days straight, go home, rest, at least you can watch it all day, kid-free” he says.  I got home and cable was down. I laid on the couch with the comforter over my head and preceded to have a tantrum, sorta like my 3 yr old, except I was way, way less elegant.

Hubs suggested that I go visit my best friend in Northern Va for the night, to cheer me up.  On the train to VA, I checked Eventbrite, and there I saw Philly Fashion Week was in 2hrs. I convinced my best friend to drive up with me & granted it was only 40 minutes left, but definitely worth the drive!

Check out my Tennis turned Philly Fashion Week outfit!!!

As I always say, Fashion never disappoints. The venue was in the Crane Arts Building.  Apparently, it was an old plumbing warehouse, now a haven for art studios and other forms of creativity!

Of the designers that I did get to see, Closet by Christobal exhibited his diversity of talents for different fashion areas; initially ready to wear, streetwear casual, then all of sudden, beautiful dresses with sequins and the belts made the dresses even more elegant.

IMG_4629 IMG_4643IMG_4636 IMG_4640 IMG_4641

Ayasa Afi had beautiful tulle gowns, fantastical hats and beautiful bridal couture. IMG_4621

Jenny Lee Maas collection had an Egyptian empress feel to it. As if the dresses did not already exude confidence, one model was truly pea-cocking! There were intricate head pieces, with pleasantly surprising and creative trains.

.  IMG_4652 IMG_4645

IMG_4658 (1)IMG_4650

D’marsh couture had creative unexpected accessories…like paint cans, truly sustainable fashion!

Autumn Lin had dresses with a real cool 3D & occasional space age effect, but can still be worn to a upscale cocktail party (on Earth, lol)!


Gordana Gehlhausen‘s layered blue dress was one of my favorite of all the collections.

IMG_4671  IMG_4674IMG_4677

Clearly this show turned my initial frown upside down 🙂 I really enjoyed Philadelphia Fashion Week.  The designers, models, venue and overall production was fantastic!! I definitely will be attending next year, the couture was amazing!


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