The Great Fash-scape!

Definition of a Fash-scape: When a Mother of 3, escapes her beautiful yet crazy chaotic world for about 3 hrs to indulge in the fanciful world of fashion.  So the shows below include my top 3 fash-scapes of last fall.  Although the shows were quite different, they were equally imaginative, and innovational.

DC Fashion Week – September 2015:

Well, Carnegie Library is a Pretty Darn Elegant Venue.  I loved the complete use of the venue (including the staircases), allowing multiple views of the collections, one really could see how the piece hangs and moves! It was the international couture collections so there was bridalwear, beautiful dresses with intricate beadwork, fantastic fabrics, and even an underwear line. I love the animated and just too stylish host, Ean Williams! Now, I missed some of the show due to the unexpected length of time to get to DC and had to leave a little early because I was travelling alone (safety before fashion of course).  I am bummed I will miss A/W 2016 at the end of this month, because I have to be a mom (lol) and take my daughter to club volleyball tournament in Denver, (okay, I’m bummed yet excited!) But I did want to share some of my favorite pieces from the event.


Hard Core Glam– November 2015

Some may think Hard Core Glam would be an oxymoron but check out the pieces below, it perfectly describes the line! Last time I saw some of this amazing designer’s work was in Baltimore Fashion Week. I said it had the whole package (check out that post). And nothing has changed. It was wonderfully refreshing to see once a designer (Darius Thompson) can take creative control of an entire show, the amazing things they are capable of. The other designers he chose to show their collections only accentuated the show and his message.  His special guest was Bianca Golden of America’s Next Top Model, who rocked one of his dresses. It almost looked painted on, in elegant, sexy chic sort of way. My daughter and I had a great time, I just wish I was gangsta enough to wear these clothes!

Pearlina Designs – October 2015

So, I invited my favorite nurse/co-worker to this show.  She had been pretty sick requiring multiple hospital admissions due to severe anemia.  But fashion makes everything better, right??? She is a single mom of 2 boys and works super hard, plus she’s a beautiful full figured woman who loves clothes and shopping.  So between the popup shops, the collection and even a little modern dance, we were two peas in a pod sitting front row at this show!!! The collection was stunning with beautiful models of all ages! And trust, they all owned the runway!!!


So concludes my fash-scapes for 2015.  But stay tuned for NNYFW (Naomi’s New York Fashion Week) in 6 days!!! Are you excited??? I know I am.




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  1. Thank you so much for the support! I’m glad you enjoyed yourself and I have so much more coming up 😬


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