DC Swim Week Perfectly “Suits” Me

So last year (pre-blogging era), was the first DC swim week I ever attended. It also so happened to be at DC Swim Week’s first year. But you wouldn’t have known it.  It felt so smoothly run, the venues were perfect, the fashion was amazing … and I’ve got to say the 2nd annual was even better!IMG_0202

I attended the first night, the press reception.  It was an honor to meet the designers, learn their processes, and inspirations.  I realized there is such a global respect in the fashion industry for the District of Columbia, and rightfully so, DC is truly diverse and has so much to offer.

Cafe Milano

So the reception was beyond welcoming, and although the highlights were the international designers: Banana Moon, Livia – Monte Carlo, and Universal Gear; the venue, Cafe Milano in Georgetown, DC, was absolutely perfect!

Now I’m more of a behind-the-scenes kind of girl.  I was having a conversation with a stunning well-versed woman, Carolyn E. Howell, Director of Sterling Women of Washington, DC, that sort of started off talking about my dress, kids, and ended up with me meeting 2 passionate/enthusiastic entrepreneurs: Derek Nickerson of Poppir and Chris Petrakis of Solebrity; and even the President of DC Swim Week Moh Ducis!  I thought wait a second, I think I’m networking, lol.IMG_0210

Anywho, back to the fashion! The presentations were all beautiful. Immediately made me question my decision to eat all of those delectable hor d’oeuvres.

One may think what’s so special about bikinis? But when it comes to swimwear, especially with women, it doesn’t matter your size, you are quite exposed physically and emotionally.  These designers indubitably had that in mind, with a clear thoughtfulness on fabric, style, color, and most importantly fit.  After all unlike most clothing, it has to maintain its form in wet/dry conditions and with movement. One asks a lot of the bikini if you think about it.

Simply adored this one

So Brent and I attended the 3rd night at the Penthouse Pool House and Lounge at the Yards.


The venue was an upscale yet relaxed setting, with a fusion of swimwear and the nightlife that appeared effortless.
DSC_0143DSC_0141It was a warm night that was actually low on humidity, high on Carnivale!

Snapchatting the event!


With Brent providing the professional photography, I had the freedom to soak it all in.


With my days of bikinis nearing an end, this is the perfection transition to the one-piece!

Fun spin on the Hula Hoop

One piece with a faux Statement Necklace!
A little sequin love!


Such bold colors!



Took a quick glimpse at my husband, Brent, and realize that he was taking very limited photos of the male models and couldn’t put the camera down with the female models. Then I realized, I brought my husband to a swimwear event, lol… Ah, the plight of blogging with your husband!

3D effect of florals!


Beautiful floral patterns!


A dreamy interaction between Male/Female Models

So, my husband, Brent, definitely doesn’t go to clubs or lounges, and is quite introverted. Well…so I thought. It’s a real testament to the production of that night and the entire DC Swim Week.  Where even a tech geek, as he sipped on his Shirley Temple, developed an appreciation and was talking about the swimwear, the presentation, and poolside venue! I absolutely enjoyed every single moment. The attention to detail, the incredible focus on DC as a fashion powerhouse on an international and local scale; and the clear drive to make sure every fashion enthusiast’s desire is satisfied was commendable. Can’t wait until next year!!!

***Click here to learn more about the 20 international and national designers, there was so much talent!!!***



“Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined”

-Henry David Thoreau




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