Flying high in Week 20! (literally) – 38 and 4th

  Sooo, lets see what's been going on... My AFP test was negative (woohoo!). We had an intensive second trimester ultrasound, like it wasn't super fun per say it seemed all business, i.e. 3 view of the organs like kidneys. So, the tech went to go discuss everything with the doctor in the meantime she... Continue Reading →

Maybe not so Wicked, just Misunderstood – NYC Chronicles Finale

Sooo, the Couture Fashion Week show lasted about 45 minutes, which gave us ample time, to run upstairs to our hotel room and change for... Broadway!!!   Which so happened to be a lovely 2 block walk from our hotel. Yeah I'm pretty awesome when it comes to planning. I admit I wanted to see Chicago,... Continue Reading →

Family Ties

This photo of the week comes from a shore excursion in Grand Turk Island. The experiences that we as people play a role in shaping our lives but I truly believe who we have them with is just as important!

A Little Taste Of Heaven!!!

So during a recent trip to Richmond, Virginia for a kids Volleyball Tournament I looked for a dad and mom activity we could do with the kids. As I looked through Trip Adivsor top things to do in Richmond I came across a resturant called Shyndigz that not only specializes in desserts but only serves... Continue Reading →

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