By the Hammer of Style! – Style Fashion Week New York SS17

So the first time I went to a Style Fashion Week event it was in collaboration with La Nuit en Rosé, so lets just say there were drinks involved.  But it was probably the biggest show, I had ever been to. I mean there were like 5 rows and a standing section. My ticket was a... Continue Reading →

Day 1 of California Dreamin’ : The Getty Villa

We left cold rainy Baltimore eastern standard time around 8am and arrived in sun-drenched Los Angeles around 11am pacific time.  Traveling back in time, you know?  So, after arriving to LA with hubs we took the shuttle to Fox Rental (coupons in link) at LAX, our normal go-to car rental place. Apparently this time, a lot more... Continue Reading →

Always and forever 

As we return to Orlando for the oldest child's volleyball tournament we also get a chance to go stay in the same villas that we used during our 2012 trip. This is especially nice because last time we were down here we got married. Through thick and thin, good and bad I know that Naomi... Continue Reading →

Creative Tech Week Part 2

  Foo Skou Foo Skou Foo Skou The What and Who Danish-born Louise Foo and Martha Skou are both musicians and visual artists who share a fascination with the study of sound vibrations. Using digital technology and analog techniques, they are currently exploring the potential of visual interfaces as a means for the audience to interact intuitively with sound. Their... Continue Reading →

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